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kosovar chat girlChat Shqip Kosova is a site which makes together Kosovars and Albanians together. There are many Albanian people who are living in Kosova and they love to chat with their Albanian relatives. If you want to chat with people who are living in these countries, you should prefer to chat on these sites. However there are only text-based chat on the sites and there’s no cam feature. Albanian people are generally nice against foreigners and they love to chat with people randomly. Generally Albania Chat sites are IRC related chat sites. One of them is Nastradini  it’s quite popular in the country. Parajsa Chat is also another popular site which has many users from Kosova and Albania.

There are also users from Italy, USA, Turkey, Macedonia, Germany and Serbia. They are used to be Albanians who are living at abroad. Most of them used to know English language very well. It won’t be too hard for you to communicate with them. You will love to chat with them cause they love to speak with people. If you want to have friends from East Europe. Albanians are the best option for you. If you talk with them nicely you can be friends real quick.

How to Use

There are many sites on internet which provides chat Shqip Kosova services. However Parajsa Chat and Nastradini are the best options for the service. You can meet with many online people in these sites and you can chat them.

If you have used IRC sites before, it won’t be problem for you. If you prefer to chat on Parajsa Chat go through the main page of the site and click on the chat image which is standing top of left side bar. If you prefer to chat on Nastradini you should enter to main page and select “Chat” from the menu. If you don’t know how to use you can see more information on How to Chat Online.

There are no cam or microphone feature on sites. However you will find a warm chat platform with Albanian people on Chat Shqip Kosova.

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