Chat-Land: France and Algeria Text Chat Site

French girls 8Chat-Land is a simple chat site where you can talk to French strangers with text. However the site is a chat room based and it’s not a random chat site. You can pick people from the list at right side bar and you can talk them. You can understand gender of people from the nickname they use in channel. People are used to talk in French in the channels. So we recommend you to try to talk to people with private messages. When you connect to sever, you will connect at #quizz, #nouveaux, #ile-de-france, #45ans and #douce-nuit. You will able to chat with French girls and guys on these channels. You can also meet with many Algerian girls and guys. The chat site is very popular in both countries and there are many online people from these countries. There are also many people from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Belgium on the site.

You don’t need to register to the site for begin to talk to people. You will find some tips here about how to use this chat platform and how to connect. It’s very easy and you don’t need to pay for this service at all. You can connect to chat rooms at four step.

How to Use Chat-Land

It’s quite easy to use the Chat-Land. There’s only five steps on the site.

  1. Look for “Accès invité Tchat Gratuit” text in the site and enter a nickname in blank which is standing right side of “Pseudo”.
  2. Click on “Je suis Nouveau” button. (Pink color)
  3. Select Age, Region, Gender, Location, Chat Type.
  4. Click on “Je suis Nouveau” button again.
  5. Run Java and select a chat room.

Now you are ready to chat with people. Click on a nickname from right sidebar and begin to talk her / him.

France, Algeria and International Chat Rooms

You can find many chat rooms on the site in French language. The common language is French for these rooms, however you can find French-speaking countries channels on the site.


Quebec is a channel for those who want to chat with people from North America. There are generally Canadian people on the room. There are always more than 50 people online on this channel. If you are interested to chat with people from Canada, we recommend this channel for you.


Montreal is another alternative chat room for those who want to talk to Canadian strangers in a text chat. Montreal is already second big French-speaking city in the world. You will chat with Canadian girls and guys on this channel.

Ile de France

Ile de France is a popular channel on the site and there are always more than 200 online users. You can meet French girls and guys on this channel and make friends from Paris, Montpellier, Lyon, Bordeaux, Dijon and Marseille.


Algerie is a quality channel where you can talk to Algerian strangers. You can meet many beautiful Algerian girls and guys on the site. There are many online people from Algeria on this channel.

There are also Belgique, Maroc and Tunisie chat rooms on the Chat-Land which you can use free.

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