CanalChat Andorra

CanalChat Andorra is a chat room which has been created with flash. The site language is Spanish and there are generally South American people on the chat site more than Andorran people. You will generally meet people from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela on the website. However you will hardly meet people from Andorra. If you still want to talk people in Spanish language, it is still a good option for you or you can still try your luck for meet with someone from Andorra on chat rooms of CanalChat.

How to Use CanalChat Andorra

CanalChat Andorra is very easy to use. Firstly you will need to pick a nickname for yourself when you enter the website. After you enter a nickname, click on “Chatear” button.

CanalChat Andorra 1
Type your nickname on the box and click on “Chatear button”. Try find an attractive nick or username for yourself.

The system will redirect you to another page on the website, that you can select an avatar. We recommend you to pick an avatar related with your nickname. Hombre for man and Mujer for woman.

CanalChat Andorra 2
Select an avatar for yourself and click green button on the website which is written “Connectar al chat”.

Now you are in chat room. Select a chat partner from right bar of the board and begin to chat with girls and guys.

CanalChat Andorra 3
Now you are ready to chat with people from Latin America, USA, Andorra and Spain. You will need to click usernames which is located right bar of the chat box.

We recommend you to not to violate site terms on this chat room. Otherwise you can get ban by chat room staff on the website and it’s very hard to unban from chat rooms.

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