Best Online Chat Sites of Countries in 2019

If you would like to talk to new people in an online chat site, you will find the best online chat sites of countries in 2019 on here. We hope that this listing is going to be useful for you. You can ask us if you have any questions regarding to these websites. We are going to help you as soon as possible.

Latin Chat (Argentina)

Latin Chat is a Spanish chat site that you can meet people from Spain and Latin American countries (United States of America is included to the list). There are many chat rooms which are specific for countries. If you would like to talk to people from Bolivia, you can enter to the related channel to talk to new people.

The website is very popular in Argentina at the moment and you can find many online Argentinians on here. You will able to make new friends through the #Argentina channel of the website. You can get more information on Latin Chat on How to Chat Online: Latin Chat

Omegle (United States of America)

Omegle is already the most popular community in the world at the moment. You can create new friendships on this website. Omegle’s population is generally from the United States at the moment. There are also many Indians. Omegle is one of the oldest random chat sites of the world at the moment and it is still the best random chat community of the United States despite of many spam problems and security issues on the website. If you would like to make new friends from the US, you can give a try to Omegle.

ChateaGratis (Colombia & Chile)

ChateaGratis has created by an IRC server and it can work on web based platforms too. If you would like to talk to people on Colombia and Chile, this website can be an option for you. ChateaGratis is also very similar to Latin Chat. You can join channels of the website and you can talk to new people.

Voice chat and cam chat are also available on ChateaGratis at the moment. This will be a good opportunity for you to make new friends.

Emerald Chat (United Kingdom)

Emerald Chat is a kind of random chat which is providing opportunities to people for talk to random chat through text and video chat. There are also chat rooms of the website that you can talk to people randomly. If you don’t know how to use the Emerald Chat, you see our tips to how to use it on How to Chat online: Emerald Chat: Meet People at Random Chat Website without Bots

Emerald Chat is known as Omegle’s alternative without bots.

Tohla (India)

Tohla is a website which is looking like Omegle. You can talk to people from India on this website. However if you are looking for strangers from alternative countries, that won’t be the best opportunity for you. You will find text chat and video chat opportunities on the website which are looking like Omegle services.

Parajsa Chat (Albania and Kosovo)

Parajsa Chat is one of the most popular communities of Albania and Kosovo at the moment. You can make new friends through this website and make new friends from Balkans. There are also Albanias who are living in Germany, Turkey, Italy, USA and Australia on the website. You will have many good friends on there.

The website is based on IRC chat which is related with Albnetwork. You can also use this system if you already know how to use IRC through MIRC. We have also given some tips about the usage of this software on the pages of HCO recently. You can also get some tips from those pages.

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