If you want to meet teens from Arabia, you can do it easily on Kalamngy Chat. The site is providing you a free chat platform and it’s web-based IRC. You can meet many Arab teens on the site. However we recommend you to be 18 years old maximum (or maximum 20) for join this channel. Generally there are people who want to talk with around their age. So if you are older than 18 years old on the chat room, people won’t want to talk with you. It’s a safe chat platform and it’s moderated by staff of the channel. You can login to channel with a single nickname. Registration is not required and you don’t need to pay for this service. If you want a Arab teen chat service, it will be quite useful for you. There are not many chat services which is providing a chat room for teens in Arabia. So you can meet with teens from whole Arab World on this channel. The site is in Arabic language but you can still use it easily.

If you want to talk to teens from other countries, you can also try ICQ teen chat rooms. You can also find such rooms for Germany and Russia on the site. These can be good alternatives for you if you don’t able to find what you want on Kalamngy Chat.

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