Yemen is another beautiful country where is standing south of Arabia. You can find many nice people from this country and you can talk with them. To make friends from this region, you can talk to people and you can make friends on chat sites. Arab chat is one of the best service which offers you a quality chat. You can meet with people from Yemen and its neighbor countries. There are also rooms for other countries, if you don’t want to talk people from a specific country. You can join more than 1 channel in the same time and it gives you many advantages to find chat partners quickly. The site is providing a free chat service and text chat. All these chat features are based on flash chat service. You need to have flash installed in your computer. Otherwise the system won’t work at all. We recommend you to use Google Chrome. You can install it from Google easily.

If you couldn’t find anyone nice on the site, you can try our Omegle Yemen guideline and you can find the best partners for yourself in video chat and text chat.

Text Chat

There’s no video chat on Arab Chat. You can only talk with your partners in text and you can’t talk them with your microphone. Since it’s a free service, you shouldn’t expect much from this chat room. However you can still find partners from Arabia on ChatKom. ChatKom is a good alternative for you to talk to people with camera and microphone. However there are always more online people on Arab Chat.

How to Chat

It’s very easy chat on the site. If you are new with this site and if you don’t know how to chat, you will read a little guideline here. When you enter to main page of the site you can login to chat with a single nickname. You don’t need to register for it. You should write your nick to main page and then click on the button. Select Yemen from country list and you are done!

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