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AndorraMania is a good site where you can get information on Andorra. You can get news about Andorra, information on hotels and tours, important companies of country, art and culture of Andorra on the website. There is also a chat platform on Andorramania. You can meet  new people on this chat site and make friends. You can use this mobile chat room with your iPhone and Android devices. The chat room is unique for the country since other channels about the country are generally international. I mean, when you enter other chat rooms, you will generally meet people from Latin America or Spain but not Andorra. AndorraMania is just for Andorrans and for those who wants to meet Andorran people online. There are not many online users on the chat room but there are still people.

How to Use AndorraMania Chat

It is very easy. All you need to do know how to use your computer. Firstly click (or touch on) text bar of the chat board and type a message. Example: “Hello”.

     Chat Now   

Type “hello” or anything you want to the chat board and click on send.

After you type the first message to the website, the system will ask you to what to do. Registering? Using a temporary username? Using a guest name? If you don’t want to register, you can select other options. We will use temporary username.

If you don’t want to register to the website, use the website as anonymously or with a temporary name and click “Go” button.

Since there are not many online people on the website, you will need to know when you get respond. We recommend you to answer “Yes” to Do you want an email to when someone responds question.

Select “Yes” to “Do you want an email to when someone responds” question

Type your e-mail address to blank and keep other options enables. Then click “OK” button

Type your email address and let “On the first message in Andorramania after I leave” and “When the first person visits Andorramania after I leave” options enabled.

Now you are done! You will able to meet new people from Andorra on the website. You can also let people to add you via Skype or another messenger on the site if you leave your Skype ID there. Good luck!

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