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Algerie Chat Girls 323Algérie Chat is very famous within Algeria chat rooms and there are many online people in these sites. We are going to recommend you a few of these sites here. I hope you will able to find the most suitable chat sites for you. Algerian people used to speak French and Arabic. You can find sites in both options. However it won’t be easy for you find someone who knows English. If you want to talk with this people, I believe you will also want a small information about them.

Algerian people are living North Africa and they are mixed with Arabs. They called as Arab – Berber. They are generally Muslim and you might find them in Algeria, France, Tunisia and Arabic chat sites. They generally using Chatroulette sites but they are generally international ones. We will recommend you some local ones here. I hope you are going to like these sites. They will be generally in French and Arabic. So if you know these, you can easily communicate in the sites. Otherwise it will be too hard for you. Good luck in your search… If you don’t like to sites you may still try to find out a few Arabic dating sites. You may also find Algeria sites in Google with typing ” الجزائر “. It is going to help you a bit too.

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Algérie Chat

Algérie Chat sites are many on internet but we will give you a few popular ones in here. I hope It’s going to be useful for you. While you are searching this rooms, you may try to search with الجزائر and you might find those with these keyword. Try Arab dating sites too.


It’s a Chat room of Algerian people and it’s very easy to chat here and it’s very simple. No age require or there’s no registration. All you have to do is typing your nickname, age, gender and city. You also need java to talk here with your partners. Otherwise the system will not run in your computer.


ComAlgerie has similar chat rooms with Algerie-Tchat. ComAlgerie is very popular site of Algeria. So you can use this site for find many online Algerians. There’s no age require in the site and you can talk here with your partners freely. It’s another java chat system.


Chat-Algerie has more different chat system for chat than other sites we have mentioned until now. This site based on IRC but there are some good features. You can see age, gender and location of your partner before you talk to her. There’s no need to registration and there’s no age required in the site. But we recommend you to be 13 years old at the least.

Alger La Blanche

Alger La Blanche has a very good chat system and you will able to find many partners here. You can also use camera and voice while you talk people here. There’s no age and registration required in the site.

There are more Algérie chat sites and you can find many of them. If you don’t like these sites you can use dating or friendship sites to find Algeria people. Or you can type “الجزائر ” to Google to search.

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  • May 9, 2015 at 5:30 am

    Hello. I am half French, half Spanish (Catalan) guy and I am living in Oran, Algeria. If any Spanish is living here, can she/he contact me?

  • October 22, 2013 at 10:49 am

    Algeria girls are always beautiful. I have always interested with North Africa girls. They are looking very beautiful and nice. I wish I could date one of these girls. If you start a dating with me just tell me girls.


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