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Algeria chat platforms are generally friendly social networking services which are based on IRC and Flash channels. You will meet many good people on those websites which we will mention on this page. Algerian people are generally love to talk to strangers. You will find many IRC channels and flash social networking platforms with our Algeria chat guide..

You can also find some nice partners on Facebook and Omegle. We have also mentioned about those on our pages. However it is hard to get friends from social media nowadays because generally people don’t like to add stranger in Facebook and in you can find hardly Algerian people on Omegle. So you will find some recommendations on this page. We hope you will able to get what you want from those websites..

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Get more information on here: Algérie Chat and الجزائر

You will not only meet Algerians on the websites which we have recommended below, you will also many users from North Africa (especially Tunisia and Morocoo) and many other Arab Countries. These are recommended Algeria chat sites:

Presse Algerie: Free Algeria Chat

Presse Algerie is a good example of Algeria Chat. We can say that the owner of site created a good website which offers many features for their users. The website is not only for discussion, users can also get the most recent news of the country. You can speak with your Algerian partner here with text. You can send private messages to other users and you can also talk in main channel. The site has a good design. A registration will be needed before you use the  website but it will worth it. You can fill registration form or you can also register with your facebook account quickly. We recommend you to use Presse Algerie if you want to talk with Algerians. This site should be your first choice for making new friends from North Africa.

Visit Website:

Chat Algérie Channels by

Chat Algerie is good opportunity for those who are seeking for Algeria chat.  There are generally more than 100 people in their channel and you will able to find 50 percent men and women in the site. The site has a java platform without camera. But it’s still a good option for meet people. Chat Algerie will be a good alternative site of Presse Algerie. The website has only text feature. It is also based on an IRC system.

Visit Website:

You can learn how to use on these websites with the video below:

Also Take a look at: Skyrock Algérie

Alternative WebSites

There are also many alternatives of Algerian sites. You can also take a look at these sites.

ChatKom Algeria: You can talk to Arabic people on here with your video and microphone device. It’s a free website.

ArabChat Algeria: Another quality website which is similar to ChatKom.

Kalamngy Channel: It’s a flash channel where you can meet with Algerian girls and guys.

Information about language:

If you want to join an Algeria chat you should know Arabic or at the least French. You will rarely find people who speaks English. But it’s free to try…

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    You gave a good info here. Congratulations. You have done a good job. I have met a few girls in Algeria Chat Room. I hope I can start to date with these girls.

    • March 30, 2018 at 8:03 pm

      Thank you, Soldes. I am glad to hear that you have got good results. We have updated this page with new platforms. You can also find some of them on the alternatives section now. Please let me know if you want to update this page with any other good Algerian website. We are always ready to evaluate new websites.

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    I would like to chat with Algerian girls!


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