Algeria is a beautiful country which is located in Maghreb region of Africa. It’s also an Arab country and a North Africa country. If you would like to have Arab friends who are speaking French, you can join chat rooms of this country. 12allchat is providing best chat service for Arab countries. You can use that site to enter Algeria chat room and meet with online girls and guys from North Africa. There are also many Algerians who are living in Belgium, Holland, France and Switzerland on the site. You will able to meet them too. When we were testing to the site, we have met with Algerian people who are living in Brussels, Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Paris and Montpellier. You can also get new friends from different regions or cities of the world. You can also get people from local cities. There are people from Algiers and Oran. 12AllChat has many alternative chat rooms, if you are not pleased with Algeria channel, you can also try some other channels such as Tunisia chat rooms or Maroc chat rooms.

There are not age requirements for the site but we recommend you to be 16 years old at the least for chatting on these channels. If you are younger than 16, you should take a parental guide. We don’t recommend chat sites for those who are younger than 16. However you can still try teen chat rooms and you can make friends.

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French, Arabic and English Chat on Algeria Chat Room

There’s language requirements of the chat room and you should be careful about that. French and Arabic languages are required on Algeria chat room. Otherwise you may get ban from the site. You should chat in English and French in main chat board. If you only know English, don’t worry about that. You can still talk to people in English language with private messages. You can also use your camera and microphone while you are talking to people. However camera and microphone is not required for the site. So these features are just bonuses of the site. Don’t worry if you don’t have these devices, you can still chat on 12AllChat.

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