If you would like to talk to people from certain cities of Egypt, you will able to do that on 12AllChat. You can make friends from Alexandria on one of these rooms and we are going to tell you how to do that. You can make new friends from this city on the site and you can make new friends. However you need to have small information if you don’t know Arabic at all, because the site language is Arabic. You should go to main page of 12AllChat and click on “Egypt Chat Rooms” button. We recommend you to use Google Translator, if you don’t know Arabic. All you need to do is copy url of the chat site and paste on translator. After you click on the button the site will redirect you to list of channels about Egypt. Now you will see the Alexandria Chat Room. Click on the button of the channel and begin to talk to people from Alexandria on the site.

You can start a dating with anyone you want on the channel. You can learn about specs of the site below and you can use the site safely. It’s a moderated channel by operators.

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What Can You Do on the Channel?

  • You can send private messages anyone you want.
  • Receive private messages from anyone.
  • You can ignore people if you don’t like them.
  • You can chat with your camera device.
  • You can use your microphone.
  • No registration required
  • %100 Free
  • You don’t need a gender filter because you can see gender of users on the channel.
  • You can enable your cam room-wide.
  • You can meet with people from Egypt on Alexandria Chat Room

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