There are many Syrian chat rooms on 12AllChat where you can talk to people English and Arabic languages. If you want to meet with people from Syria, you can also find them on some chat rooms of the site. They are completely free channels and there are more than one channels on the site. Besides you don’t need to register to these channels for meet with people. You can login to site without signing up or registering.  The site includes three channels about Syria. One of these channels is Aleppo Chat Room. You can meet people from Aleppo and people who are living close to this city. You can also get new friends from Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt on the channel. There are not only people from Syria.

There are three kind of chat types on the site: video chat, text chat and audio chat. You can use these three features on all of channels of 12AllChat. Aleppo chat room is also including these features. You can meet with people from Syria on this channel and you can make new friends. There are always online girls and guys on the site. Don’t worry about meeting guys or girls.

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Video chat is very easy to use and you don’t need to pay for this feature. You need to activate your camera from your settings and from your browser for begin to chat with your camera. When you enable your camera, people will able to see your cam and they will want to talk to you after they see what you look like. However camera is not required, so don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can still chat with text chat or you can use a fake webcam program in Aleppo Chat Room.

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