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albasoul chat albanian girlWe have mentioned you about Albanian chat sites before. One of these nice sites is Albasoul. You will able to find a lot of online people in this site and it’s not going to be hard for you to use the site. The site is in English language. However many people prefer to chat on Albanian in the site. However there are still many people who speaks that English very well. Especially you can communicate with girls easily. They are well-educated people and they all are warm and friendly. If you are seeking a partner from Albania, I believe this site will be perfect option for you.

There are some channels on the site which you can use and there are some rooms. The usage of the site is quite easy. You won’t need to pay for features of the site and you won’t need to register to site at all. It’s very quality site which you will meet with people. There are some famous channels on the site, we will introduce you these channels for you and we will introduce you how to use this chatting system. If you would like to meet new people from Albania and if you don’t know how to use IRC based sites, you will need to how to use the site. You will find these information in the rest of this article.

How to Use

If you don’t know how to use IRC related sites, this part of page will guide you to about usage.

  • Go to main page of the site and click on chat on the menu.
  • Type a nickname for yourself. You should select an attractive nickname.
  • You will see the channel names at the top of page. #shqiperia, #dardania, #malesia, #albasoul, #forumi, #radio, #shqiponjat, #sherbimet, #ndihme. Type one of these room names into channels.
  • Click on connect button.
  • Wait for a few seconds to connect IRC server.
  • When chatboard appears in your page, you are in!
  • Select a nickname and click on query and send live message to your partner.
  • Return to channel from chatboard and select another one to talk.


Shqiperia is one of the most popular channels in the site. You can find many online people here and you can talk with them. There are always more than 100 online people here. There are many girls who wants to talk with strangers. You can talk with these girls and you can get new friends. May be you can even start to dating with them. Shqiperia has many channel operators. So you should behave while you are chatting there and you should behave. People generally speaking Albanian here but there are many Albanians who are coming from USA, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Germany, England and Ireland. You will enjoy while you speak with them. It’s a good Albanian Chat service.


Dardania is another good channel of the site which you can meet with Albanian people. You will enjoy while you are talking with people in this channel. There are people from Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Serbia in the channel. It will be easy for you to use these channel with our guidelines which we have told you in how to use section of this page. If you want to meet Albanian who lives in Balkans. Dardania channel will be suitable for you.


Malesia is a channel of those who are member of a site which is called as Malesia. You can meet with new people with this channel and you can talk them. You can meet with them again and again whenever you join to channel because same site members are using this service. So you will keep in touch with people who you have met. Malesia channel hasn’t got many members as same as other channels but it is a warm place to meet with Albanian people.

Radio Chat

Radio chat is also another good feature of the site. You can meet with a lot of people in Radio Chat. Albania is good place to make new partners and they have reliable people and they like to talk with strangers who are coming from abroad. You can listen Albanian music in this channel and you can talk with them. You will enjoy in Radio Chat and you will enjoy to meet with new people.

Albasoul is one of the best Albanian chat sites. They are reliable and they are easy to use. If you want to chat with Albanian girls or boys, you can always use them free.

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    My name is Monica, I am half Italian and half Albanian. I am living in Piacenza and I would like to meet with Albanian guys who are living in Italy. I am looking for a dating guy. He must be handsome and tall. I am 25 years old. I am studying Nurse in university.

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