Albania Chat: Shqiperia and Kosovo Chat Rooms & Channels

Albania chat (also known as Shqiperia Chat) platforms are use to be very crowded social networking platforms. You should know English or Albanian or Italian if you want to talk to people from this country. Otherwise it won’t be easy for you to find someone. People are rarely preferring to use English or Italian languages in their rooms and random talk websites.. You will generally find channels which is called Shqiperia in those websites. There are also other rooms which has named same with cities of the country.

There are a few good Shqiperia chat sites and we will recommend you some of them.

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If you would like to meet with a girl or a man from this country, we suggest you to take look at these sites:

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Parajsa – The Best Shqiperia Chat

Visit website:

Parajsa Chat is a nice social networking website. The site has three languages. Italian, English and Albanian. You can use one of these options. However the language of the platform is completely Albanian but there is no any other language. The site is redirecting you to Albnetwork’s IRC Server. There’s no camera discussion at all. When you connected to the server, the system will redirect you to two channels. It is looking like an IRC system. Shqiperia and #SHOQERIA  channels are the most popular ones in the server. You may also reach to server from other options like main page of Shqiperia and Albboston.

Many thanks to @ILLUZION ( Emiljano) for being informative while we talk. You will able to find a few English speakers in Parajsa. you can talk many friendly people on this nice and warm platform. You may join #Shqiperia channel here and you can speak with fantastic people.

Get more information about Parajsa, the Shqiperia chat site: Parajsa Chat

We have search Chatroulette like sites for Albania but it hasn’t got any random website like that yet. So if you want to seek an Albanian partner with webcam, it’s impossible for now.

Albania Chat

Visit website:

It is alternative of Parajsa. If you don’t able to use Parajsa, you may use this IRC and there will be a few English speakers there. #Albachat and Shqiperia chat rooms are the most famous channels on server. The website has an ordinary IRC like system. If you ever used an IRC service before, that will be easy to connect to this website for you.


Albanur is another option for Albania chat but there are generally a few people in their channels. There’s a radio in channels as same as other many other discussion and forum sites. You may join Shqiperia chat room in here too.

Also See: Bisedo Shqip – Albania IRC

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    • We recommend Parajsa chat for that it is free and it is only text chat platform. You can meet nice people there. Shqiperia chat is also very good. You can also prefer to use it if you are not pleased with Parajsa.

  1. Hello!
    I am living in Tirana and I am Indian. I am looking for a muslim girl or Indian girl from Albania! I will marry her!

    • Hello Narayan,
      I believe you should seek for an Albanian girl more than Indian. Because finding someone from India in Albania is very tough thing to do. There are many Muslim girls in Albania but most of them are not into religion much. If you are looking for someone conservative, maybe you should give a try to Kosovo. There are also many Kosovars in Albania.

  2. I am looking for an Albanian who is Muslim. I would like to date with her and may be we can start a new relationship. Please let me know.

    • Hello Serani,
      Unfortunately there is not any chatroulette website of this country. There are generally IRC like websites. Local chat sites of countries are generally based on IRC service. You will not able to find those roulette chat services for little countries of the world but some crowded countries.

  3. Helloo !
    I am from Iran and I want to date with Albanian girls. She should be muslim. Don’t worry I have much money and I am rich.

    • Hello Hashim,
      The way that you are looking for someone is not acceptable. You won’t get any answers for such a request. No one cares for the money you have and I don’t think that people will think that you are nice enough to create a new relationship. You will need to be more kind than this. Otherwise you won’t date with anyone.

  4. Very nice information. I was looking for Albanian chat for a while. I have many friends from Albania in Lithuania. I am trying to learn Albanian at the moment and I was seeking for Albanian chat sites. You are perfect man

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