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afghan chat girlsAfghan Chit Chat is a site which has been created on 2007 and it’s very old chat site of Afghans. Usually many users are coming into this site from whole around the world. There are generally users from Iran, Afghanistan, Sweden, Norway, Tajikistan and USA. If you would like to meet with people from this nice country, it’s a nice and reliable chat platform for you. There are a few good chat features for you on the site. You can use all features free on here. The site doesn’t require you to pay for any service. All you need to do is installing flash to your browser. The site has flash chat options.

There’s a video chat on the site which is free. You can also use audio chat features too. If you want to contact to site with your mobile, don’t worry. You can still connect to chat. There’s a drop down section on top bar menu of the site. You can hover the menu with your cursor and you can click on Afghan Mobile Chat. It’s very useful for those who wants to chat online on the site with their mobile. I believe it has no alternative about mobile chat on the country.

Afghan Voice and Video Chat

It’s one of good chat services of the site. It’s completely free. Registration is not required for chat on the site. All you need to do is clicking menu after you enter to site. You can use video chat in this feature, there’s also an audio option. If you don’t want to use microphone, you can disable your camera anytime you want. It’s not required to use camera on voice chat, so you shouldn’t worry about that. If you want to use fake webcam program, it’s allowed. You are not going to ban because of using fake webcam programs such as ManyCam and SplitCam. There’s no age suggestion on the site, but we always recommend you to be 18 years old for join such sites. If you are younger than 18, there are always good options on internet for you.

Afghan Full Screen Chat

Afghan full screen chat is a good flash chat feature of Afghan Chit Chat. If you would like to meet with another Afghans on the site, it’s the best option for you. If you don’t want to register to site, you can always use guest login. If you want a stable nickname, you can register to system. If you want to register to system, all you need to do is typing a nickname and password. You can leave other blanks empty. Select a nickname for yourself and select your gender, enter as a guest or as a registered member and click on a room where you want to chat. You can see gender of users before you start to chat with them. It’s one of the best thing for this feature. You can send private message to users and you can talk with them. If you don’t want private messages and if you would like to chat only chatboard of the site, you can always disable it. There’s only text chat feature on the site. There are chat rooms in the site: “Afghanistan Main Room”, “Friends Room”, “Live Songs Room”, “Party Room”, “Lovers A” and “Lovers B”. Afghan full screen chat is main chat platform of the site. You are going to meet with many Afghan people here.

Afghan Mobile Chat

Afghan mobile chat is very useful feature, if you would like to chat with Afghan people with your phone. It’s free to use this feature and you don’t have to pay for it. The system will connect you to same rooms with Afghan full screen chat. So you will able to chat with same people with your phone too. It’s very useful feature of the site. Afghan mobile chat is very handy feature. If you get bored while you are in school, while you are travelling or while you are at home and if you don’t have a computer, you can use this nice feature freely.

Afghan Chit Chat is one of the most handy chat sites of Afghanistan. If you would like to chat in English or another languages with Afghan people, we recommend this site for you.

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