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afghan chat girlsAfghan Chat is providing partners from Afghanistan who are seeking for chat with them. Afghans are generally proud and religious people (or strict about their believes). If you are seeking someone from Afghanistan you should know how to behave against them. We are going to give you tips about them and we will suggest you some chat sites.

Afghan people are believing Muslim religion and they are generally strict about their religion. So you should search about Afghan believes and Muslim religion. You shouldn’t swear while you are talking and you should be stay away about religious stuff. There are some important Afghan Chat sites which you can use with English language.

Sites which we will introduce you here are free and no registration required. You can talk to many online people on these sites and you won’t pay for any feature of these sites. If you want to know more about paid services. We will also introduce them for you in the future.



Afghan-Web is one of important Afghan chat. It’s java but you will find many females and males who are speaking English in this channel. When you start to talk with someone in private chat, you will able to begin webcam chat and voice chat with your partner. I should admit that Afghan-Web has awesome chat room and you should try it first, if you ever want to chat someone from Afghanistan. The other ones will be just alternative of this site. You don’t need a registration for using this site.

Afghan Chit Chat

Afghan Chit Chat is an alternative chat room for Afghan Chat. The site has many users inside. The site is completely in English and it will be easy for you to use it. There are a few chat room options in site but generally most of them empty but main chat. You can find online partners in main chat room.
You can learn how to use Afghan Chit Chat and Hazara Chat with these videos:

Hazara Chat

Hazara chat is another option for Afghan Chat and there are only a few partners who are generally speaking Farsi. The site options are English and you will able to use site easily. Hazara chat is using same chat system with Afghan Chit Chat. There are a few Chat Room options in site

Afghan-Web, Afghan Chit Chat and Hazara Chat are the most famous Afghan Chat sites. We recommend you to use these sites.

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  1. I’m Shamim and I am Bangladeshi. I wanna meet with Afghan girl. I believe that they have good attitude n behaviour.

  2. I love Afghan people really. They are very warm at chat sites. I have never seen one of them in real life but I adored their relations between each other and friendship

  3. Hello!

    I am louis and I am from USA. Any of you would like to chat me girlz? I can even be muslim for a beautiful girl!

  4. Hello I am louis from Arizona, US. I would like to meet one of these girls from Afghanistan who knows English. Please let me know if you ever meet with someone from United States.



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