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ABV Chat girlsIf you would like to meet with Bulgarian people, you can use some sites to meet with these people. Bulgaria girls are famous with their beauty in Eastern Europe and many men would like to meet with one of these girls on Internet. If you are one of them you will able to find many of them on ABV Chat. It’s one of the oldest and crowded communication sites of Bulgaria. There are also many Turkish people on this site. If you want to meet with Turkish people who are living on Bulgaria, it will be a quality chat site for you. There are also many Romanian girls on the site. You can also meet with these girls too.


It’s free to use site and there’s no registration needed for join to site. All you need to do is getting a nick name before you join to chat and it’s free. No camera and no registration required. If you would like to use these free features of the site, you will need to go to main page of the site. The site is quite popular in Balkan countries, you can also find partners from different countries. You will find many people who are speaking English.

Talk with Bulgarian Strangers on ABV

If you want to talk to strangers from this country, you don’t need to register to site. If you don’t know the language, you will need to use Google Translator, so it will be easier for you to enter chat rooms of the site. It’s a chat room based chat site. There are many people who knows English on the site, so don’t worry about language. You will able to find many beautiful partners for yourself on the site. ABV Chat is providing good chat service for their users.

Mobile Chat Apps for iOS and Android (Alternatives)

There are many good mobile chat alternatives for ABV Chat on iTunes and Google Play in Bulgarian language. Especially Zoom Chat Messenger is providing many good services such as text chat, video messaging and voice messaging services. You can also use this application in English and many other languages too. It’s free. There’s also Zoom Chat Messenger for Android too!

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