You can also meet with people from East Africa on 12AllChat. It’s a reliable and safe chat site where you can meet with people from Sudan. There are also online users from Egypt, Chad and Libya on the site. The site language and chat board language is Arabic, however if you have used a flash chat site before you don’t need to know that language at all but we don’t recommend you to talk in English in the main chat room. Otherwise you may get ban from the site. If you ever get ban, don’t worry about it. We have already told you how to get unban from the site. You can click here to learn how to remove your ban from 12AllChat.

To sign in to site, you should go main page of 12AllChat and enter 12AllChat Sudan. If you don’t know Arabic you can translate it via Google Translator. It’s very handy and understandable. After you click on the channel name, you will go to chat board. Pick a nickname there and log in to site as guest. You are done! Now, you will chat with strangers from Sudan on the channel.

You can also try alternatives of this channel. There are very handy Sudanese chat rooms on internet. We have also told a few chat sites from this country for you. You can check our latest posts and learn more about these sites.

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