Why Omegle Doesn’t Ban People and Bots That Break Guidelines

This is true that Omegle has very serious issues with bot anymore. As far as I understand Leif doesn’t care much with Omegle as same as he do with paid services now. He has also other good online projects and products at the moment. I believe that he should find a quick solution for the text chat service of Omegle since you can only meet bots on this service at the moment. We provided some solutions for removing bots in our latest pages about Omegle. However those bots are improved by developers in every month and they are moving on the website more carefully day by day. One of our visitors has banned from Omegle without any real reason and we wanted to release his right reproach about the situation on this page.


I was banned from omegle and they have not unbanned me. I have no idea how I was banned because I was following the guidelines and I would like to ask why I have been banned but not people and bots that clearly break the guidelines.

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Actually you are very right to questioning this. This is very serious issue about the website at the moment. Thank you for the question.

Why Omegle Doesn’t Ban People and Bots That Break Guidelines?

Unfortunately Omegle can ban people without any reason at times. We have seen this many times in our community and support pages. However you are right to question this how Omegle can ban you but not people and bots that break guidelines of Omegle.

There are some reasons of this… Omegle has moderators but we believe that their number is not enough to control the Omegle. So they can’t catch everyone that violate the rules. However we also believe that it is their responsibility to assign enough number of moderators to the website. Omegle has a system to catch bots with their behaviours. However it is very old at the moment and bots are designed to pass their current security system now.

Why Omegle Doesn't Ban People and Bots That Break Guidelines

Omegle’s Security System Against Bots

Omegle’s security system try figure out who is bot and who is real person with the behaviours on the website. If you next people really quick, the system can think that you are a bot. However current bots on Omegle is working with delaying to connect to new stranger. I mean bots wait after it lose the connection with stranger and some time later it enters to the chat once more. Since the bot doesn’t next people continuously, Omegle can’t detect it. Also since there are thousands of bots which connects from different IP addresses (also since you get same messages), you think that you are meeting with same bot over and over. However you are not…

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