When Does Omegle Ban End

omegle ban timeThere are many online users on Omegle and there are hundreds of people that get banned from the site. If you are curious about when your Omegle ban end, there’s a few things do about that. We are going to tell you how to figure out that period and how to unban from the site faster. So it will be easier for you to get unban or learn how much days you won’t able to join to the site. Generally ban reasons are because of you don’t care about terms of the site. If you have really done it and get banned from the site, it will be better for you to send a feedback to Omegle and promise to staff that you won’t do what you have done again. (Update: Omegle has ended sending feedback feature recently) Generally a ban lasts in 3-7 days.

You can also learn about date of your ban removal from the staff with a feedback. They have a right to ban your IP forever. So try to speak them kindly while you are speaking them and be nice against them. It will help you to get unban from faster.

How to Learn Removal Date of the Ban

If you would like to learn removal date of your ban, you will need to contact Omegle staff. You can do it with clicking on the link which we have showed you on the picture:

feedback omegle

After you click on the link, give your details to staff. Such as IP address and e-mail address. Ask them when your ban will end, you can also apologize them about your behaviour. If you feel you are innocent, you can tell them about situation and the ban was unjust decision. Sending a feedback will make things faster for you.

Generally a ban ends in maximum two weeks, however it can be even in hours too. It depends on how you connect to staff.

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