What to Do if Recorded on Omegle

what to do if recorded on omegleIf you are using on Omegle very often and if someone didn’t record you yet, please take a look at our guideline about how to prevent of recorded on the site. We will give you some information on what to do if recorded on Omegle. If you are already recorded, there’s not much to do against it but there are still some effective ways to fight against it. I am going to mention about a few ways about how to find recorded videos and what can you do against it legally. It’s very important if there are criminal issues with the recorded video. (Even threatening someone or an organization is a crime on some countries and states) So what to do?

What to Do if Recorded on Omegle

Firstly, if you think that, the recorded video may harm your privacy and security, recorder (The person who has recorded you) has committed a crime. So I hope that you have asked that some questions like where’s he from, which city he lives, etc. If you didn’t ask, we hope that you haven’t reset your internet connection from router. Go to Google and search “What is My IP” and get your IP address. Don’t worry about your IP if you are already using dedicated connection. Write down it. Every connections are logged by Omegle.

So it can be found easily who you have talked (even if he ever used proxy or VPN services) while you recorded. If you inform the situation to State Police or FBI. They will take care of him very soon. However if recorder is living abroad, the process will take longer. (Depends on situation. Eg: If you are younger than 18 year-old and if you harassed by recorder, that can even be international crimes sometimes. There are many people who has arrested because of that.)

How Do You Take Care Of Video Without Police or FBI

We recommend you to apply police or FBI if there’s something criminal with your video. However if you don’t want to do it for some reason, you should do alternative ways. Unfortunately you can’t delete this video but you should keep watching some video sites. Because people are generally recording these videos for publishing them on famous video sites. If someone pranks you , you will able to find yourself on YouTube very soon. Generally pranks are not criminal, however there are some other situations too. If you want prank video to get removed from YouTube, you can send a mail to YouTube or fill copy right form of Google. You can also click here (Google Troubleshooter) to go to related page about legal removal requests. You can also do it for YouTube.

However what about other sites which doesn’t care about copy rights?

You can only do it legally with applying court, FBI or police.

How Do You Find Video on YouTube or Other Video Sharing Sites

Well, our firs step will look funny or awkward for you. However we have recommended this for our users and it’s sometimes work. You should wear what you have worn while you were speaking to recorder. Open your camera and take a photo of you. You should go to Google Image Search and upload this picture to Google and search it. (No worries, it doesn’t save your pictures and data). If you are lucky enough, you can get the link of the video. That’s how you can find your recorded video on other video sharing sites.

Next step is for YouTube:

Second step is easier but you need to keep watching YouTube. You should go to YouTube and search “Omegle Prank” or “Omegle”. (Do both searches). After you search these keywords, click on “Filter”. Keep watching videos from Last Hour, Today and This Week since this is the best way to find videos. You will find your video on YouTube.  We also recommend you to check other video sharing sources because generally criminal videos which has been recorded are not published on YouTube.

What to Do if Recorded on Omegle – Questions and Answers

You can find questions and answers at the following paragraphs and those questions has asked by our users. We hope that those questions and answers will also guide you about what to do if recorded on Omegle. You can also ask us through commenting this page.

I am Recorded on Omegle and He is Threatening Me


Someone has recorded me on Omegle. He told me he is from Indonesia. He wants me to pay him some cash otherwise he will publish my video on Youtube and some other sites. Now, he keeps threatening me everyday via mail. What to do if recorded on Omegle? Please help me!


I am sorry for the situation. However there are some important stuffs about situation, if you are from Indonesia, you can do much about this situation. However if you are living another country, you need to be younger than 18 years old for legal actions. Since international security organizations are very sensitive for those who are younger than 18 years old. If you are older, they won’t take it serious much. So what you can just click on the link which we gave you on here for find out what to do. You will get information on how to find links of videos, legal stuffs, etc. However they are not guaranteed ways.
Good luck with the situation.

Someone Using My Work Image on Omegle


I sure as hell do not know who it is, but i was told someone filmed his/her screen with me on it, and he saw me in hear on a video chat. That is an invasion of my privacy!!!!!!!! I didn’t even know what site was!!! I am not on this site… Would like you to find these videos and/or pictures of me and banned the shit out of this person ??? I feel very violated about it! It can’t possibly be legal!!


Hello Camilla,
We have sent you instructions via Facebook about this incident. However it must be highly likely that one of your colleagues. We wish you good luck for resolve the issue.

Someone is Posting My Phone Number on Omegle


Someone is posting my phone number and my name on Omegle and I got a few calls recently from males and countless whatsapp chat requests. Can someone help me about this please?


I am sorry to hear that your privacy has been violated. You will need to contact to Omegle staff for get rid of this problem. There are several ways to do it. You can check domain whois via godaddy and get detailed information about contacting Omegle. There is not much to do for this incident. Thank you.

Someone Took Picture of Me on Omegle


I was chatting with a man from Arkansas today. Do not know where is that guy living exactly. All I know that he is living in Arkansas because he only told this me. I told him I am 15 year-old Saudi who is living in US. I told him that my parents don’t allow me to chat on Omegle and detailed info about how my parents will punish me. After a long nice talk, he told me he has taken of my photos and he will publish them YouTube with my name and second name. He asked me to send him 300 dollars. I do not have that money. Since I gave my Facebook account id him, he can even reach my parents. What to do? I am really desperate with the situation


We recommend you to not to chat on Omegle if you don’t have permission from your parents and if you are under 18 year-old. People who are using the website under 18 year-old can face with similar problems and there were actually worse incidents than you have experienced.

There is not too much to do for this incident. You will need to tell this to your parents and don’t allow others to take advantage of this. If you are Saudi, we can guess troubles that you will face with your parents but being honest against them for the issue will be better for you. Since the individual you have talked has taken pictures of you and threaten with you with them, the issue can go to police investigation and you should take help of your parents for that.

We have given some questions about what to do if recorded on Omegle above. You can ask us if you have any questions with commenting this page.

Someone from Omegle Got My Pictures on WhatsApp and He is Threatening Me


I have met with someone on Omegle a few months ago. We were very good at first times we have met. We started a long-distance relationship. I loved him. I shared some special photos to him during our relationship.

Somehow he changed much recently. He did not even want me to go out of home. Even for job… He started to be jealous of me. I decided to break up 3 days ago. He has sent my pictures to me back and he told me he will publish those pictures with my name and surname in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. I believe he thinks I am cheating him with someone else. He doesn’t asking anything in return.

What can I do for this? I should report his WhatsApp account? Can I remove my pictures from his phone?


Me and my teammates are really quite sad because of the incident that you have faced on WhatsApp. It is really disgusting… We had many stories like that about Omegle but this is really very different.

Things to Do

It seems you both are living in different countries since you have mentioned about your relationship as “long distance relationship”. There is not much to do for this incident. You can go to police for this but it won’t help you much. Because it seems you are older than 18. Generally police is working on such incidents if one of sides are younger than 18 year old. However you can still find some solutions with applying the police. Maybe there are things that they can do about the situation. You know his phone number, his location and maybe even home address.

We recommend you to not to report his WhatsApp account at this stage. That will anger him more and reporting a WhatsApp account won’t save you at all. You shouldn’t give up from your decision though but you should try convince him not to do such behaviours. We recommend you to follow the popular social media websites (as you have already told: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) for some time and make searches on these websites with your name and surname.

If you ever seen a share about you, please report those shared posts/pictures and the account which has been shared those pictures.
We are a little bit depressed after read your story really. That’s what we can tell you at the moment. If another ideas come to our minds, we will contact you through mail. You can always feel free to contact us or ask us through Q&A service.

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4 thoughts on “What to Do if Recorded on Omegle

  • September 11, 2018 at 3:47 am

    A girl that looked fairly real, recorded me and said was from Texas, she said was 10 yrs, also her name was Cassidy i think. I said my name Kelosh, lied from living in Utah, and 15 yrs. She threatened me to go to bathroom but i didn’t go and she said hurry and or i will post video on YouTube. The video was of me and another video of couple having ***al contact. The girl had light blond tangled hair and blue eyes white fair skin with white background

    • September 11, 2018 at 10:37 pm

      Sorry to hear that. We don’t recommend Omegle for those who are younger than 18 year-old. You can meet such people very often there nowadays and someone can record you on Omegle. I wish the best for you.

  • April 15, 2018 at 10:16 am

    A girl told she was 15. Im 13, and she recorded me. She said if I didn’t *** for her, she wouldn’t delete, I asked for her to delete it, but she said, then do what O say. Then I left the conversation.

    • April 15, 2018 at 2:11 pm

      Hello Carl,
      Thank you for commenting on How to Chat Online. We recommend you to not to use Omegle at all if you are 13. We also recommend you to use the website with your parents if possible. There are many predators on the random chat sites who are using camera chat. I am really sad that you have faced with such an incident. Please stay safe.


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