Omegle is a random chat platform which helps you to talk to strangers from different countries of the world. However language selection is important for meeting people from abroad on the website. If you would like to chat with people from your own country, you will need to select your own language from top of the website. English is universal language on the website.

Omegle Language Selection Tool

You can begin to talk to strangers from different countries with click on “Text” or “Video” buttons which is located at the middle of the website. You can enable your facebook likes from the options if you would like to meet people with common interests. If you would like to talk to only with text without video chat, please click on “Text” button. If you would like to contact to strangers with your microphone and video devices, you will need to select “Video”.

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These are straight chat features of Omegle. There are also some other features.

What is College Chat on Omegle?

If you would like to chat with only university or college students on Omegle, you can prefer to use this option. You will need to register this service with an edu mail. If you are not a college student, that will be impossible for you to register this system. You can still try our edu mail tips though. After you activate your account through Omegle, you will able to use this service.

What is Spy Mode on Omegle?

In spy mode, you will able to ask a question to two strangers and watch their conversation on the website. If you don’t want to ask a question but if you would like to debate with a stranger on a subject just click on “discussing questions”. It is pretty good way to find friends through the website.

What is Unmoderated Section on Omegle?

Unmoderated section is a kind of random chat without moderation. So you will free to do anything here and there is no rule at all. If you want a clean chat, we don’t recommend this service to you.


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