Websites Like Omegle

If you would like to join Websites like Omegle, You will find a list here. Here is a few internet site for you which you can use freely. You can meet guys and girls on these websites and you can meet many people from different countries. Some of them is providing safe chat sites for their users and some of them not. You will see information on these sites under headers of the sites. You can find these sites with searching their name on Google.

Websites Like Omegle with Video Chat and Text Chat

You can find the full list of sites like Omegle below. Some of those chat websites are providing text chat services and some of them are providing video chat services. There are also websites which are providing both. We recommend you to check services of those websites to join them. If you have any questions regarding those services please let us know.


Chatous is a good website like Omegle  where you can meet people on a random chat. You can set your interests to meet people on the site. There’s a text chat and video chat on the site. It’s free and safe chat platform. There’s also iOS, Android version of the site. You can download them from Google Play and App Store freely. The website has text chat only on mobile devices. If you connect from PC, you will not able to connect to the video chat service of Chatous. It is one of the best sites like Omegle at the moment.

Update: Chatous website is very popular at the moment. However Chatous disabled the text chat a few months ago. This is somewhat make things harder for those who don’t have camera. Thus they have lost many users recently. However the text chat is still available for Android and iOS users. It seems Chatous doesn’t really remove the text chat version from the web but they have just removed it from the website with CSS codes.

Visit Chatous:


It’s not very safe to chat on Chatrandom because there’s almost no rule to chatting. However there are still many online females and males on the site. You can make many new friends on Chatrandom. This is a free and reliable service. You can also find girls on the website if you want to enable the gender filter. This feature is paid on Chatrandom so, we recommend you to not to register for it, if you don’t have any budget. The website is one of the oldest alternative of Omegle for years. It is providing random text chat for their users at the moment. If you don’t enable your camera, you will able to use the website for random text chat and you will also meet people who are not using camera as same as you.

Visit Chatrandom:

You can take a look at our testing for websites like Omegle on this video:



ChatAlternative is successful alternative of Chatroulette. You can meet many females and guys on the site. There’s only video chat ability on the site. You are required to use a camera if you would like to talk to strangers. There are many people from different countries of the world on the website and you can filter those countries. It is safe and free to use. There are many complaints about ChatAlternative that they are banning people easily and request the cash. We don’t believe that, you generally getting banned from the system because people are reporting your account for no reason at times. It generally happens when male to male matches on the website. We recommend you to pick your gender correctly before chatting with people. It will increase your chance to meet opposite gender.

Visit ChatAlternative:

Websites Like Omegle


Bazoocam is one of the most popular random chat sites on the world. You can talk to strangers from Belgium, France, Switzerland and Maghreb countries on the site. There are also many online users from other countries of Europe too. You can use the website in many different languages. There is also a tool for web developers on the website which will help them to place the iframe chat website. This is also one of the best sites like Omegle at the moment. This is very good to meet people from France and Belgium.

Visit Bazoocam:

Chatroulette has lost many users but it’s still very popular in world chat. You can talk to strangers on the site. Chatroulette has fixed the registration problem on the website and became a more flexible opportunity for chat users. However the website is not providing many features which was available in the past. The popularity of the website is going down. It is one of the first websites like Omegle in internet history. Developed by a Russian developer.

Visit Chatroulette:


TinyChat is a good chat site where you can meet with people on chat room. It’s a video chat room based site but we believe that it’s one of the best websites like Omegle at the moment. Users don’t need to register to the site and you can get account with your Facebook in seconds. You can join multiple video chat rooms on here. You can talk to more than one people and begin to make new friends on TinyChat. Users will able to join channels as a guest and begin to talk to people on Tiny Chat.

Visit TinyChat:


It is one of those websites like Omegle that you will meet with strangers. This is a paid service though. You can meet with girls on this website and begin to talk to girls. It is free to register and you can purchase the trial version of the website. You will generally meet people from Europe and North America on the website. The registration is required for it. However you don’t need to have a webcam at all. This will give you chance to meet females without camera and microphone. Unfortunately you can’t use the website free at all. You will need to try trial first and it will cost you a few bucks.


ChatBlink is also another websites like Omegle that you can talk to strangers with only text chat. This will make things easier for you if you don’t use camera. Nowadays most of random chat websites are requiring a camera. You can meet with nice people on here. ChatBlink is also the most promising text random chat websites at the moment. Get more information on Chat Blink on How to Chat Online. Unfortunately the website doesn’t have any application on play store and app store at the moment. Chat Blink is totally free and there is not any premium membership in the website. Registration is not required for random text chat. However you will need to register to the website to have an account and join to the social networking platform on the website. Registration is quite easy though. You can sign up with your Facebook account or Google account to the website.


One of the largest online text chat community of the world. There are always thousands of people online on the website. You can choice people by gender and age. You will able to see those important facts about people before chatting with them. So you won’t need even need to ask ASL during your conversation. Chatib is providing free text chat opportunity to you. You can select your username, gender, age, country and state before starting to the chat. Since the security system of the website, you will hardly meet with bots on Chatib. You can select someone from the sidebar and begin to chat with her/him immediately.


It is sister of Chatib. It has similar concept with it and it is also includes many online people as same as Chatib. Chatiw can be another good websites like Omegle  because of high quality interface and chat opportunity with strangers. Chatiw is providing free text chat rooms and good online chat tips for their users. You can follow many good updates on the website. You can use the website in different languages. English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish languages are available. Similar to Chatib, you will need to select a nickname, age, gender and state before start to chatting. However the website finds out your country automatically from your IP and you won’t able to change your country at all.

Video Chat Sites Like Omegle

You can find some video chat sites like Omegle in the list below. If you have any site suggestions, please let us know with commenting this page.


This is another good website that you can talk to strangers. Camsurf is a good alternative of Omegle. We have mentioned about this website in How to Chat Online. You can use country filter option, gender filter option and many other good features on Camsurf. No registration required for this service. If you would like to meet new people from different countries of the world, camsurf can be a good option for you. The website concept is similar with Chatrandom and Ome TV. You can improve your chance to meet opposite gender with selecting a gender. You can talk to people from any country with filter options.

Get more information on Camsurf.

Ome TV: One of the First Websites Like Omegle

Ome TV is a popular random chat website and one of the best websites like Omegle. The website also released as for years ago. Then it changed the name. It is a good random chat platform to talk to people. Features of the website is similar with Chat Alternative and Camsurf. Gender filter and country filter are available on Ome TV. When the website published it was also known as Omegle TV. However then the founder of the website has changed the name of the service.

Other Websites Like Omegle

These are some alternative solutions for you. You can google those websites and search about them. There are also video chat and text chat opportunities for you as same as other websites like Omegle that we provided you above.

StrangerMeetUp: One of Text Chat Websites Like Omegle

StrangerMeetUp is another good chat platform for talk to strangers on internet. Using a little bit harder than Omegle since you will need to visit homepage in every next. It’s text chat only. It’s no registration required. Stranger Meet Up is very similar to Chat Blink that we have already introduced you above. You will talk to people with text chat on the website. You will able to make new friends through this service. However the main problem about Stranger Meet Up is user experience. They are redirecting you to the main page of the website instead of skip a stranger. There are already too much complaints about this feature. There are generally Indians on the website. If you would like to people from India or other Asian countries, this website can be a perfect choice for you.

World Chat Online: Find All Websites Like Omegle

It’s providing a random chat for their users freely. You can make new friends on here. You can join random chat sites of the world on World Chat Online. Users don’t need to register at all. It’s another good choice if you would like to join websites like Omegle. You will find various of chat websites on World Chat Online. It is concept is similar with Mnogo but it has some differences about the interface. You will able to reach almost all chat sites of the world from the main page of World Chat Online. If you feel lucky, you can click on the “Go to Random Chat Site” button and you will be redirected to another random chat service immediately. No registration required to talk to strangers on this website. However you will need to pay for a few services which they have added to their website.

Update: This website hasn’t been updated for years and unfortunately not working like as expected anymore.

Sites Like Omegle


MnogoChat has some similarities with World Chat Online but they are providing less site than the site. If you would like to make new friends from Russia, USA, Japan or UK you can try MnogoChat always. It is also an all-in-one chat websites on internet. However Mnogo already has created their own random chat service too. You can also use this free service to meet strangers and talk them. Mnogo Chat is also including online chat rooms, video chat rooms and many other kind of chat platforms.

RouletteChat FR

Roulettechat FR is a good site if you would like to talk to strangers from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, It’s also a good alternative of Chatroulette. You can get text chat and video chat features on the site.

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