Stranger May Be Using Simulated Cam on Omegle

Stranger May Be Using Simulated Cam on OmegleThis warning is generally appearing on Omegle video chat while you are seeking for a stranger to chat.  Sometimes you can also get similar warnings on similar chat sites to Omegle. So what does it mean? It means that your partner may have a fake webcam and he can record you with some programs.  However sometimes this message also appear because of some problems on the sites while your partner is really using his/her cam. There are a few ways to figure out if your partner is using Simulated Cam. Please click here to get information how to prevent from simulated cams.

Sometimes people also want to join to Omegle video chat while they don’t have a webcam. So they need to get a virtual camera device to enter Omegle video without camera. You can also see that warning on your screen while you are chatting with these people too. They don’t generally record people, however we recommend you to be careful about that too. You can take a look at our guideline about preventing fake webcam users.

Why Strangers are Using Simulated Cam

There are several things people do with simulated cam programs on Omegle:

  • They can use simulated cams for goods sometimes. Such as for entering video chat only.
  • They want to record people and prank people with video. They generally publish the video on youtube.
  • Some people don’t have a camera but they still want to you to see him/her. They can upload a photo to simulated cam and they let you see his/her pictures.
  • Sometimes people are using these programs for advertising products.

These are general usage reason of these programs. There are some bad reasons which you don’t like and there are also some good reasons too.

How to Figure Out It’s a Simulated Cam or Not

You can click here to see how to figure out this situation. If a stranger using a fake cam, you can easily understand it. A message will appear on your screen about that. After you see the message, you should watch your partner’s camera carefully. If you ever see that she repeats what he has done before, it’s highly likely fake webcam. So you should stop to talk him!

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