Someone Told Me He/She is Police (FBI) on Omegle

Did someone told you he or she is police or FBI on Omegle and you are scared because of that? Since we are getting too much questions about this recently on How to Chat Online, we are going to make some clarifications on this issue. Firstly this is a well-known prank on Omegle and people who you are talking on Omegle are not police or FBI at all. Actually we are very pleased that they are pranking those people since they are generally do this against people who are actually doing a crime through Omegle. Especially to child predators.

How to Identify Those People?

They generally tell to you they are 14-15 year old girl. However they don’t look that young… They begin to talk you with normal conversation first. Then they they try convince you to talk about +18 stuff on the conversation. If they managed to get successful, they will go on to talk you some time. At the end of the conversation they will tell you that they are FBI or police and they will catch and jail you soon. :)

Yeah if you come to this page, you had something similar and you are scared now. If I were you, I would be scared too. However there are things you should know first. Firstly let’s say girl is real and she is 14 year-old. If she even wanted to talk you about such topics and if you response her desires, you are doing a CRIME. If her parents goes to a lawyer about this, yes, you can get jailed because of that since you are a child predator. Telling in court that “she wanted that” will not save you at all.

However these people are not FBI or police. They are a user on Omegle like you who are trying to prank people.

Someone Told Me He or She is Police (FBI) on Omegle


  • Stay away from Omegle if you would like to talk to girls on such topics. There are many other service providers on internet.
  • Don’t talk to CHILDREN.
  • Don’t violate your country laws.

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