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omegle russian girlsRussia is very large country and there are many webmaster there who created alternative chat sites like Omegle. These sites are already known as Russia Omegle Alternative sites. There are many online people in these sites and there are many girls. You know Russian Girls are already famous with their beauty on the world. If you would like to meet with one of them, you can try these sites to get them. It’s a good opportunity to find these girls and it won’t be very hard for you to chat with them on the sites which we will recommend for you.

There are generally people who speaks and typing in Russian on the sites. However there are still many people who knows English. You can try to communicate with them and you can get many girls on these sites. These sites are generally unmoderated sites like Chatroulette, however we can also include them to Android alternatives of Omegle. All sites doesn’t require membership and they all  are free to use and you don’t have to pay for using their services for chat. Some of them can still have special features but it will be luxury services for you. If you want to get online Russian Girls on the sites and if you want to start a dating with them you can join the sites which we will recommend for you.

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Russia Alternative Chat Sites

These are the most popular Russian chat sites on the world which can be good Russia Omegle Alternative:

Mnogo Chat

Mnogo Chat is one of the best chat services of the world. They have very popular web page and many online people on their database. They provide a good Russian Chat service in their site and you will able to meet with a lot of online people there. You can also use other Chatroulette options of Mnogo Chat, if you want to meet with girls from other countries. You can see the options at left side bar.

VideoChat RU (видеочат RU)

VideoChat RU (видеочат RU) is another popular chat site of Russia. It’s one of the best Omegle Russia alternative and it provides many partners for their users in the site. There’s no registration required in VideoChat RU (видеочат RU) and all services are free. You can chat with your camera and microphone in the site.


WowChat is a good chat site where girls and boys may chat freely. However the site is suitable for those who are older than 18 years old. We don’t recommend you to enter to site if you are younger than 18. Registration is required in the site. You can get a membership from site with help of google translate, if you don’t know Russian. There are many online people on Wowchat and it’s quite easy to use. It’s a good Russian dating chat site.

Чат Рулетка (ChatRuletka)

Чат Рулетка is a free webcam chat site which has similarities with Chatroulette. You need to be 18 years old for join to site and you don’t need to register to site for a membership. You can enter to chat and you can chat with beautiful Russian girls.

Chatroulette RU

Chatroulette RU is a nice version of Chatroulette which you can find many girls. There’s a feature in the site which you will meet with only girls. Registration is not required in the site and all features are free. When you enter the site, system is loading and asks you for meeting with girls or men. After your decision you start to chat on the site. However you need a camera to start to chat on Chatroulette RU.

Mnogo Chat, Chatroulette RU, WowChat, Чат Рулетка, Video Chat RU  are the best Russia Omegle alternative sites where you can start dating with Russian Girls.

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