Problem on Omegle Servers in 04.28.2018

As we have entered the weekend with saturday, Omegle connection error has show up again. Unfortunately many users can’t connect to the website at the moment. The error has started at the morning of 04.28.2018. This error has occurred because of Omegle interest servers and you don’t have much to do for fix this error at the moment but wait. You can also try remove interests from Omegle and try connect to the chat again. The website staff should fix the problem.

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Why This Problem Occurred in 04.28.2018 on Omegle

This is actually a kind of clichy and a routine of the website. You can face with this error every weekend. It can because there are too much people on Omegle or there are problems with servers or there is a connection problem with you or you are banned.

However there is a known issue with Omegle at the moment and we don’t think that you have a connection problem or banned at the moment. Don’t change settings of your PC, Mobile and wait for sometime. Discover other random video chat sites which can be safe to chat.

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Logs About the Error in 04.28.2018

Recent logs about the issue:

  • Users started to get error in the morning of 04.28.2018.
  • Omegle servers started to work properly at 10 am GMT.
  • Users started to get the error again at 11:00 am GMT.

Problem on Omegle Servers in 04-28-2018


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