Partners are Keeping Disconnect on Omegle

Your partners are keeping disconnect on Omegle before you connect them? We are going to give you a few solution for fixing this problem. I hope you will able to find a solution with our tips. This problem is generally because of your connection problems. So our solution tips are generally will be about your connection.

However there can be always server related problems. You can click here to learn server status of the website. We recommend Google Chrome for those who are using the Omegle. If you are already using Chrome and having porblem with it, please click here.



  • Firstly clean your cache in your browser. Then re-open Omegle‘s main page and chat there.
  • If first step didn’t solve your problem, please check your internet connection  and reset your connection.
  • If second step didn’t solve your problem, please check your DNS settings. Remove your DNS and replace it.
  • If third step didn’t solve your problem, please update your web browser (Opera and Mozilla Firefox)
  • Don’t forget to clean your cache in every steps.
  • If you are using Mozilla Firefox, try to reset your browser in Help Center.
  • Be sure you didn’t get ban from the site. You can learn how to get unbanned from Omegle on How To Chat Online.


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You will able to chat with your partners after these steps and your partners won’t disconnect anymore. Omegle partner disconnect problem is easy to solve, it will take only a few minutes of you.

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