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Omegle World chat girlsThere are many Omegles on the world which looks like original Omegle site. These sites are useful for find a partner on a certain subject or a certain country. We are going to tell you some of them in here. I hope it will be useful for you. Since Omegle has been the first chatroulette and random chat platform of the world, we have categorized these sites as Omegles. You can also take a look at our guideline for websites like Omegle. You are also going to find many good examples there. You can also take a look at our listing on this page. If you would like to connect these sites, all you need to do is making a search with their header. These are popular sites but security and privacy options are not very good yet. We recommend you to test the websites first before being live in the cam.

Tohla – Omegles

Tohla is a good site for Omegle and you can find many good partners here. There are generally Indian girls. You will enjoy in this site. It’s one of the best Omegles in the world. So don’t worry. You will find many good people here. There are people from whole in world. You will able to talk to Indian strangers on Tohla.

Your Omegle

One of Omegles on the world. Your Omegle includes specific Omegles for each countries. Like Russia, Australia, Ireland and etc. You may find Omegles from whole world in this site. Easy to use and looks like Omegle.


Funyo is another good Omegles sites. You will able to find many partners here and there’s a good networking system. It means strangers will no more stranger for you after a good chat.

You can also take a look at our Omegle Alternatives guideline. If you want to recommend any site which is similar to the website, you can comment this page and let us know about the website.


  1. My colleague and me were looking for this informations for a while but you should add more sites I believe. There are many omegle like sites on Internet.


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