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Omegle Girls 27Hotspot Shield is one of the most famous VPN services on internet. If you ever get banned from the site, if you don’t already want to banned from the sites, if you ISP has blocked a site which you want to connect, you can use Hotspot Shield to connect these sites. There will be also a benefit for your security on sites. You can also connect to Omegle with this VPN service too. You can meet new people and talk to strangers in safe. What does HotSpot Shield do? It helps you to unblock the sites which you want to enter. It hides your IP address and increases your computer security. No more malwares and such harmful agents on your computer. There are also many benefits for Omegle too.

You can change your IP anytime you want and decrease your ban rate. People can easily unban from Omegle in seconds. You can use this app for your iOS, Android, Windows devices freely. However there are advertisements on free version of program. Paid version of this program is 4,99 $ for a month or 29,95 for a month. Paid version is unlimited however free version has 150 MB limit.

Unban & Unblock Omegle Freely with HotspotShield

If you ever get ban from Omegle, normally it’s very hard to turn back to site since you will need to send feedback and you will need to wait for answer of staff. You can select any countries IP and reconnect to Omegle again. Since the site database won’t able to figure out you have banned from the server. Some countries are also suspended Omegle, such as Turkey and UAE. Hotspot Shield will change your settings and it will help you to connect to site once more! You can do all these things with free version of the program. However there are some negatives that you should check.

Negatives of VPN Service

There are some issues with Hotspot Shield while you are connecting to Omegle:

  • 150 MB limit (Free version): 150 MB limit is not good enough while you are connecting to chat sites with video chat. If you are going to spend a long time on the site, you will finish it easily.
  • Connectivity to Video Chat: It’s strange that sometimes you can connect to video chat with this program. However sometimes you can’t do it at all.
  • Shared IP: The biggest problem for Hotspot Shield is Shared IP and there’s no static IP. It means you and other users are using same IP with you. If other user get ban from the site, the IP will be banned automatically.
  • Captcha: Shared IP cause many people to connect to Omegle from one connection. So Omegle will take it as spam and it will start to ask you some Captcha codes.

Questions and Answers

Why I cannot Connect to Omegle with Hotspot Shield?

Hello! Using Hotspot Shield for years on my PC. I am using Windows 10. I just started to use Omegle recently. At first times, Omegle was working with hotspot shield and it was working very well. However it doesn’t work in recent days and I am getting an error like, Omegle couldn’t connect. How can I fix this problem?


We had a similar question before about Hola Better. (You can click here to check it: Hola VPN Error Connecting to Server on Omegle) There can be several reason of that you cannot connect to Omegle through Hotspot Shield. These are some reasons:

  1. There are many people like you who are using same program (Hotspot Shield) on internet and people are generally using this service for get unban from the Omegle. When there is too much connection from a same IP, Omegle can block access of that ip to their servers.
  2. Another reason of this, the IP address that you are using on Hotspot Shield is blacklisted by Omegle.
  3. Someone got banned with the IP that you are using with HotSpot Shield. Sometimes, such connection errors can appear on banning too.


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