Omegle Video For iPhone and Alternatives

You will find Omegle video for iPhone and also some alternatives of Omegle on the App Store in this guide. Video chat is probably the best feature of the website and it now exists with Puffin Browser. You can use your camera with the Puffin application and start to talk to strangers. You can click here to get the download link of Puffin Browser for App Store.

Unfortunately, developers didn’t develop an application for video chat of the website and there is not an application that provides this feature to us… There’s only the Omegle iPhone application which is working only with text chat features but we don’t recommend you this application at all because it has a very low rating from iOS users. The application is disappointing for everyone who wants to use Text Chat and Spy and Question Mode features. If you want to take a look at popular alternatives (applications with 1-100 million users), you can find the information below and you will find information on how to use Omegle video on your iPhone device.

Omegle Video For iPhone

You will need to connect to the site with a Puffin browser. It’s only how you can chat on Omegle Video for iPhone. If you think that you can chat on video feature with your iPhone device without a browser, unfortunately, you will be disappointed.

So what can you do? Which browsers you can use on your iOS devices for Omegle Video?

You can download the Google Chrome application or the Puffin Browser app for iOS. While we are unsure that the Omegle video is still working with Google Chrome, we are sure that the video feature is working on Puffin Browser (There are some conflicts with iOS 11 though). Click here to download Google Chrome or you can download Puffin to use the video chat feature on your iPhone device. However, Puffin is problematic on iPhone devices after recent updates of iOS 11. You can click here to read solutions if you are facing camera problems on Puffin.

Puffin Web Browser: Get Omegle Video for iPhone

If you would like to use Omegle video on your iPhone device, you can use the Puffin browser. All you need to do is going to App Store and download this free browser but we should remind you that after recent updates on iOS, Puffin started to be very problematic for those who want to have Omegle video for iPhone devices.

Download Puffin Web Browser

Omegle Video For iPhone and Alternatives

If you want to enter Omegle video with your iPad devices, you can check our tutorial for this.

Omegle Alternatives for iPhone and other iOS devices on App Store

These are some good alternatives for iPhone and other iOS devices which you can find on the App Store. If you have any suggestions, please leave us a comment in the following comment section.


HOLLA is a random chat platform where you can talk to strangers and it is a good Omegle alternative for iPhone. The application got many praises from users and it is also one of the best random chat applications in the App Store at the moment! Recommended!

Download HOLLA from App Store

Ome TV

Ome TV is also a very popular application that you can use. The application’s website is serving as Omegle Alternative for years and it is probably the best opportunity for you to contact new people and talk to strangers. Important: The application has named MiniChat on iOS.

Download Ome TV from App Store


Chatous is a famous random chat site of the world and there are many online users of the site. If you would like to talk to strangers with similar interests. You can also download this application. The application includes random video and text chat features. Chatous is one of the best Omegle alternatives for iOS devices.

Download Chatous from App Store


Tango is also another good alternative. You will able to chat with your partners with video and text on your iPhone and other iOS devices. It is also possible to find many online people on this app to chat. You can even start dating them. There’s a quality search system on Tango which you can find girls from any country you want. You can also filter genders. It means you will have a chance to catch only girl or guy profiles.

Download Tango from App Store


WeChat is a messenger application but you can also meet strangers with this iOS application. So it makes it a good alternative to Omegle. All you need to do is downloading  WeChat from the App Store and installing the application on your device. You can also visit the App Store with the download button below. Once you register to WeChat, you will able to shake your phone and you will also meet with a random stranger from a random country.

Download WeChat from App Store


ooVoo is a good alternative to Omegle on iOS phones. So you can easily use it on your device and you can use video chat while you chat with your partners. You can start dating these girls.


Camfrog has been used by many people for years. It’s a good alternative and you will also find a lot of good features in this application. It’s a good dating service like a chat site. You will find many online people there but when we compare it with other applications, we cannot say it is perfect.

It is not recommended for a random conversation but you can also use Skype or the unofficial iOS app of the website. You can download these applications alternatively to Omegle Video iOS on iTunes or App Store. The download application of Skype and go to the Omegle iPhone application. Chat with girls or men there. If you like your partner get her Skype account and begin to chat on video. That’s easy! So you will able to chat on video chat using both services. You can’t also use Lady Zone with your phone device. If you are looking for Android alternatives you can click here.

These are good alternatives of Omegle Video for iPhone, if you have also any questions regarding these apps, please feel free to ask us.

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