Omegle Video Chat Doesn’t Work or Load

omegle video chat doesn't workDo you have a problem with video chat service of Omegle? There can be several reason of that. If you would like to resolve this problem, you will find many ways to fix it on here. If the video button doesn’t appear on your browser, you can click here to learn how to resolve button loading problem. There’s also solution for Firefox too. These problem may occur because of many stuffs. So it’s better if you try every solutions here. If you don’t able to fix this problem, it can be because of Omegle servers. So it will be good for you, waiting for sometime or you can try some websites like Omegle. Especially Chatous is pretty good as an alternative of Omegle. You will find interests feature, text chat and video chat features there. Omegle video used to have errors and some problems at times. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all or it doesn’t load.

Let’s tell you how to get rid of this error. If your problem is about connecting to server, you can click here to learn how to fix it.

Omegle Video Doesn’t Work – How to Fix It

If video chat doesn’t work on the site, there can be several reason of it. Before we tell you some methods, you should try these things. May be you can fix the load problem easily.

  • Enter your browser if you are using Chrome and type “chrome://flags/#prefer-html-over-flash”, hit enter, disable option and restart your browser.
  • Disable your AdBlock if you are already using one.
  • Check your internet speed. There are several ways to do it. Go to google and type “internet speed test”. Service providers are also providing this service too. You can do speed test on their support page too. If your internet speed is really low, contact your service provider.
  • Check your browser version. If your browser haven’t updated yet, it may be using an old version of flash. Try update your browser.
  • Don’t use your camera at another site or messenger. Be sure that, you don’t use it on another software. That makes your camera busy and you don’t able to use it at chat platforms.
  • Check your flash version. Google “Flash version check”, you will see the flash version check of Adobe in first result. Click on search result and make flash version check on the site. If you are using an old version, update it.
  • Did you disable your camera or microphone on Omegle? Go to Omegle and go through webpage settings. Enable your camera and microphone on the site again. This is especially working on Chrome.
  • Select right camera from video and microphone options on Omegle.
  • May be you are not able to connect to the this service because of flash stroage. Click here to learn how to clear flash storage.
  • Try enter Omegle video with another browser. Google Chrome is recommended.
  • Clear all cookies and restart your internet connection. Try reconnect to site.

If all these steps didn’t work for you. Then you should try methods which we give you at below.

Method #1 – Use CCleaner

  • Click here to download CCleaner.
  • Run the program.
  • Clear cookies with CCleaner.
  • It’s very effective program for fixing things with your computer.
  • Restart your computer and try join to the site again.

Method #2 – Disable Virus Protection

  • Sometimes virus firewalls doesn’t allow you to use cameras and microphones on some sites.
  • If you won’t surf unknown websites of Internet, just disable your virus for a few seconds on your computer.
  • If Omegle Video works, take a look at firewall settings of your virus.
  • Disable or remove from firewall settings.

Method #3 – Check Windows Firewall Settings

  • If you don’t know how to check your firewall settings, let’s tell you how to do that. Firewall settings also doesn’t allow you to connect video platforms.
  • Click on “Start”
  • Go through “Control Panel”
  • Search for “Firewall” on Control Panale page.
  • Click on “Windows Firewall”
  • Click “Advanced settings”
  • Disable or remove if you see anything related with Omegle.

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