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Sometimes Omegle Video chat button is not working, it generally happens in Mozilla Firefox Web Browser. We are going to recommend you a few steps to fix this problem on Omegle. I hope it’s going to be useful for you. Video Chat is the most famous feature of Omegle and it can be annoying when this button is not working for users. There are generally a few reasons which cause this problem. I hope you are going to solve this problem with our solutions.If you are not using firefox, click here.

How to Chat Online recommends Google Chrome for chatting on Video chat sites. If you are having problem on Google Chrome please click here.

Solutions for Video Chat Button

  • If you are using AdBlock extension, code or program, you will need to disable it and re-enter to to the site.
  • This problem is occurring higly likely that flash storage. Clear all your flash storage from flash settings. Try reconnect to Omegle.
  • Look at version of your browser and if it’s not updated please update it and restart to browser and check video button again.
  • If it didn’t still work please update Flash Player on your browser or install the newest version.
  • If you don’t have a camera, video chat button is not going to work. You need to check your camera device if you have already camera. Or you have to find a fake webcam program. I should remind you that you can get banned from Omegle because of such programs. You can click here to learn how to use Omegle video chat without webcam.
  • Try Reset to Mozilla Firefox. Click on “HELP” button in menu bar and “Trouble Shooting Information” Then you will see a “Reset Firefox” button on new window and then “Finish”.



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