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omegle iphone girlsOmegle iPhone is one of the most popular feature of Omegle. Every iPhone user would like to use these service. However the system is asking for 0,99 USD for downloading this application. I believe it’s nothing if you want to talk with strangers on your mobile device. If you would like to chat with strangers in your in your Apple product, you should download this service. You will able to use  every features of site with this extension. You can download it via iTunes. The size of Omegle iPhone is just only 2.8 MB only. So it will take your seconds to download this application. So you will able to find many girls with your phone too and you can start a dating with your partners. You can skip your partners as same as PC version of Omegle. There will be many girls who are waiting for you. We have already told you about Facebook feature’s before and they are useless. There’s no Facebook interest feature in Omegle iPhone.  But you will still able to use interests feature. If you want to chat with only Girls on Omegle, you can also read our posts about that.

Minimum Requirements

This service is just working in for iPhone 5 or higher versions. However we haven’t tested it on iPhone 4 and 4s. If you don’t think that it will be a loss for you, you can try that with paying 0,99 USD. You need to have iOS 4.3 in your mobile at the least or a higher version. Otherwise it’s not going to work at all. You are going to find only a few language options in application. Northern Sami language, English, Spanish and German are the languages. You will find Spy and Question mode and chat mode in the application.

How to Chat on Omegle iPhone

It will be a useful extension for you if you are seeking girls for start a dating. We are going to tell you how to use Omegle iPhone. When you download application there will be 4 menus that you can use. You can select your own language or the best language you know. You can connect to chat with touching on “Start a Chat” and you can find girls on Omegle. You can also touch on Spy question mode to enjoy with your iPhone.

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