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Omegle Indian GirlOmegle India has a lot of versions on Internet. As you know Indian chat sites are famous on internet and many people able to find partners in these sites. Generally Asian people are using Omegle India sites. We are going to introduce a few of these sites. I hope you will able to find in these sites. The sites we are going to give you are completely English sites and people are prefer to speak English in these sites. So don’t worry. You are not going to meet with Indian language in sites at all.

Omegle India sites used to have a lot of users. I think it’s because large population of India. If you want a partner from Asia, these sites will be perfect for you. You will able to meet Bangladeshi, Afghan, Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankan girls in here. If you want someone with cat eyes, you should try Omegle. There are many Koreans, Japans and Thai girls in that site. The sites we are going to give you are just Indian alternatives of Omegle. So you will able to join Omegle like sites. It will be quite easy for you to use these sites. I wish you good luck. If you want to have Indian girls on Omegle you can check our post about Indian girls on Omegle.

India YourOmegle

India YourOmegle is one of the best options for Indian chat sites. You will able to meet with a lot of partners here. However you need to be 18 years old or higher for join this site. If you are younger than 18 we are not recommend you to enter to site. There’s a video and text chat in the site. If you want to chat in text, the system is looking like Omegle. It won’t be hard for you to use it. If you want to chat in video, you are going to see a system like Chatroulette. If you are familiar with Chatroulette system, you can use it.

TheOmegle India

TheOmegle India is another option for Indian chat sites alternative. You are going to meet with a lot of people in here too. There are also international users in the site. If site can’t find an Indian partner for you, the system will redirect you to another foreign users.


Tohla is a good chat site for Indians and it has a Omegle like system. You will able to chat in text and video in Tohla. You can share your photos in Tohla and make users to like your photo or dislike. You can already vote users photo in the site.


Another site like Omegle. Iddin is an Indian chat site and there’s only text chat in the site. It’s a good example of Omegle India alternative. You can add your photo while you are talking to strangers on the site and you can make new friends without webcam. If you don’t want to use your webcam on a chat site, Iddin will suit you well.

Mobile, Android, iOS, iPhone and iPad Applications

India is very large country and the country is very good at web and application development. There’s many random chat applications for mobile, android and iOS devices. You can use these applications freely. However there are still some paid versions of this applications. iPhone and iPad versions are generally paid versions.

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