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If you want to surprise to people on Omegle, Facebook trick will work and you are going to chat with people for a while. This trick is quite easy and easy to do. You don’t need to do anything special or write some codes for Facebook trick. Very useful for make longer chat with girls.


Facebook Tricks on Omegle

It’s very old-fashioned Facebook trick and still some people don’t know about it. you should copy this link “http://www.Facebook.com/profile.php?=99922363” and send it to your partner. And tell him that “you know him” or you know about his facebook account. It’s going to surprise him or her and he will start to speak about your Facebook Trick. He / She will ask many question about himself and it makes you enjoy with conversation on Omegle.


Many people know about these tricks about. You should be careful first and try to speak normally when you begin to chat. Otherwise Facebook trick may not work against your Omegle partner.


An Example:

Stranger: hi ASL?

You: 19 f

You: and is it you? http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?=99922363

Stranger: yes :D

You: wow it worked!

Stranger: sure :D 19 m Bulgaria here what’s up?

You: hey wait. are you sure you are from Bulgaria

You: hmm you look like Germans

Stranger: no Bulgaria

You: ah ok

Stranger: How come you know about my Facebook account?

Stranger: You know me

You: Yes I know you.

Stranger: You are very strange and you are frightening me


  1. Lol! It was very good trick. I have tried it a few times on Omegle and I laughed much. Thanks man! I am watching your articles!


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