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Many people are addicted of Omegle in these years and they keep chatting on this site for spending nice time, meeting with new people, starting new relationships and making new friends. However sometimes people can’t join to site with some browsers. One of them is Google Chrome. If you have connection problem with this browser, we are going to give you some tips about how to fix that problem.

So you will able to connect to site again. If there’s any other issue with you connection, you can comment this page and we answer your questions immediately. Don’t forget to follow this page for keep watching answers of your questions. There are some certain reasons if you the site doesn’t work in your browser. You will find answers for your problems on how to fix section of this page. If your problem is about camera, you can also read our guideline about that.

Omegle is world-wide chat site which you can communicate people from all over the world. There might be problems on the site, while there are too much users. We recommend you to chat on this site without keep your rams busy. If you have too much extensions activated on Google Chrome, it can be a serious problem for your browser while you are chatting. If you are having problem with video please click here.

How to Fix Omegle Doesn’t Work Problem on Chrome

  • You can’t connect to server? So click here!
  • Remove all your caches from your browser and restart. Try connect to site again.
  • Remove all history from your browser and restart. Try connect to site again.
  • Check all of your Google Chrome extensions. Disable them one by one and figure out which extension cause trouble for you. When you get it, enable other extensions again and try connect to site. This time it will work.
  • Reinstall your browser. May be an extension or a program may damage to browser.
  • Scan your computer with a quality antivirus. Check if the site is working on your browser.
  • Disable if you are using, Adblock extension in your browser.

If Omegle doesn’t still run with these options please let us know with a screenshot link in this page via comments. We will try to help you immediately.

Questions and Answers

Omegle Website Not Found on Google Chrome


I am using Omegle for years with Google Chrome. I have firstly seen such a problem till today. When I try connect Omegle I am getting “Not Found” error. Any reason of this? If I can get any help for this error, I will really appreciate it. Thank you.


Welcome to How to Chat Online and thank you about the question. Not found error also known as 404 error and we haven’t got any report or alert that Omegle has faced with this error. The problem is not about the website at all. We believe that this can be occur because of a malware or a virus or an extension. We recommend you to download a good free anti-virus program first. I believe  AVG is quite good with the free plan.

For the extensions, you need to do the following:

1-) Tap three dot menu of Google Chrome Google Chrome Three Dot Menu2-) Hover on “More tools”.
3-) Tap on Extensions.
4-) Remove all unwanted extensions from your device.

I am getting Your Connection is not Private error on Omegle. How to fix this on Google Chrome?


I was using Ultrasurf to connect Omegle since the website is blocked in my country. I am getting Your Connection is not Private error on Omegle. How to fix this?

Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from omegle.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more



This is one of the common behaviours of internet service providers to redirect blocked urls to invalid SSL certificates. That’s why you are getting the error. However it seems Ultrasurf didn’t work well for you.

Maybe you have changed some settings on the program? If you did, you may face with such problems. We recommend you to download ultrasurf again from the main source: ultrasurf.us and try enter the Omegle with the new download.

Things to do – Step by Step:

1-) Check settings of Ultrasurf and try undone your recent changes on the program.
2-) If you cannot succeed, remove program from your computer. No need to uninstall it. Just hit on delete to remove it since it is a portable vpn.
3-) Go to ultrasurf.us.
4-) Click on free download icon at the top of header and wait it to complete the download.
5-) Unzip the program.
6-) Click twice on ultrasurf and run it.
7-) Try enter Omegle with port and connection changes.


  1. Can any fix my problem in omelge. It seems like I can’t find any stranger when I put a point of interest. Pls help me fix the problem

  2. Whenever I try to use omegle on my android the video button won’t even appear it’s been like this since last year for me and have tried multiple phones it’s not like the button appears and won’t load it doesn’t give me an option for it at all please help.

  3. Do omegle video chat works on mobile? Like Google Chrome,UC Browser, Opera Mini, etc…
    Cause I tried but it didn’t.
    Do it actually works on mobile?
    And if yes… Would you tell me how?

  4. Hii omegle video chat icon is not visible only simple chat is showing this problem is showing only in all android cellphones i have.. I am facing this problem from last two months. I am unable to use video chat. Give me your email address that ii can send screenshots.
    Reply keep kindly

  5. Hi! For some reason during the past few months, everytime I try to use omegle, the video button never fully loads and stays grey. I’ve tried checking my internet speed, reinstalled chrome, used different browsers, used ccleaner, but nothing seems to work. I’ve checked my firewalls to make sure there isn’t a back program running to disable JavaScript but still it doesn’t work. Thanks for your help!

  6. Connecting to server…
    Technical error: Server was unreachable for too long and your connection was lost. Sorry. :( Omegle understands if you hate it now, but Omegle still loves you.

    what to do? I have tried everything what i have found in internet, but problem exists.

  7. I am using a Digiland 10.1 tablet running android 4.4. I did an update for chrome browser and that is when the problem started. The problem is that the strangers camera is just a bunch of blue, black, and white diagonal lines. Strangers can see and hear me fine. I am only able to hear the stranger. I have tried deleting updates, enabling and disabling site settings, and restoring my tablet to manufactures original factory settings. Still have the same problem. I also tried to delete chrome, but I am unable to delete it because it is a built in app. I was however to disable chrome which had no effect. So I downloaded Chrome Beta… Still the same problem… Any suggestions?

  8. hey my omegle was working fine before on this lap top but then i moved to a new house and here it doesn’t work, in terms of the fact that i cant see the other peson most of the time…its just a black square in the “stranger” window,sometimes i can see other person but most times i cant.

    Could it be the connection? What could i do to stop this problem?

    • Hello Egor,

      There are several reasons of it.

      1-) You shouldn’t enable your camera in another site (such as chatroulette, facebook, chatrandom, etc.) and another program (Skype, AIM, etc).
      2-) Please check if you have any program which is using program.
      3-) Sometimes it’s browser related problem. You can update your current browser or install another browser. Chrome is recommended for Omegle. However if you are already using Chrome, you can disable/enable some plugins and try join to Omegle again…
      4-) If all of these didn’t solve your problem, use CCleaner program.

  9. I runned CCleaner. Deleted absolutely everything of cookies and data related to Firefox. Since then it has been working without any issues. Problem solved. Also tried running Omegle in Opera, and it worked before I fixed the problem. With Opera you cannot change language for whom you wanna chat to, so it’s useless.

  10. I’ve experienced now two days in a row to be banned from Omegle while using Mozilla Firefox. First day I didn’t get into Omegle either using Firefox or Internet Explorer. Next day I was unbanned, but the second I used it in Firefox I was banned again – but this time I was able to use it in Internet Explorer. I also downloaded Opera, and a quick test showed I could use it in Opera. I never experienced this before – and I just reformated the PC. Maybe it is because of the new Firefox-updage (that I didn’t use before re-formating), or maybe some other bug. Anyone else experiencing this? I think Mozilla Firefox is the best browser for Omegle. Internet Explorer just gives you a lot of bugs, and freeze-ups.

    • Hello, Anonymous.
      Are you using a dedicated ip for your internet connection? I don’t think that it’s a browser related issue….

  11. It’s just your IP address. Reset your browser cookies and IP and your problem is solved. You could also use a legit proxy that isn’t blacklisted.

  12. Connecting to server…
    Technical error: Server was unreachable for too long and your connection was lost. Sorry. :( Omegle understands if you hate it now, but Omegle still loves you.

    Ok, help me. pls


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