Omegle Doesn’t Work on Android

There are the many extension of Omegle for phones on internet. One of them applications for Android. Some times such apps doesn’t work well and they don’t use full features of the site. We are going to give you a few tips for fixing this issue. We hope that our solutions will help you and you will able to chat with people again. Firstly you should be sure that you have installed application correct. If there’s something wrong, may be you haven’t installed it well. You can try re-install it to your phone. If it doesn’t work still, you should send a feedback to publisher. Tell him about problems you have and report the bug. I believe he or she is going to find a better solution for you. You can also try some alternatives with video.

If no one else has this problem, it can be because of your device. You have to be sure that your device has compatibility to have this application. If not, you should install another application. There are many applications of Omegle for Android. You can also install one of these applications too. They have different features, different looking and themes. Please read reviews of them and check specs of applications. Let’s see how to fix step by step for this problem.

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Step By Step

  • If you can’t connect to server please click here to get our solutions about situation.
  • Check your device has compatibility with application.
  • Restart your phone and run application again.
  • Reinstall application and run again.
  • Send a feedback to publisher and ask him to fix the issue.
  • Search in Google Play and find a better application for Omegle. There are many good applications for the site.
  • If problem is still going on, may be there’s a problem with another application which is working in your phone. Close your all applications and run application again.
  • There’s no video feature on such applications.
  • You can still try some alternatives with video chat options. Please click here to see alternatives of Omegle Android.

If it doesn’t still work, there might be something wrong with your Android. Take a support from your technical service.

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