Omegle Doesn’t Detect Camera

Omegle Doesn't Detect CameraOmegle is a chat site which has a lot users. There are many problems in the site because of that. One of the main questions of site users is about webcam. One of the most known problem about the website is Omegle doesn’t detect camera. There are some reasons of these. We are going to give you some solutions about that. Please be sure that you have followed our tips well in this post. So if your browser doesn’t detect camera while you try to chat, we will help you about that and your camera is going to work on your browser.

Omegle is a good site if you are looking someone for dating. However your camera should work if you want to find a pretty one. Otherwise people are going to skip you. Sometimes you can face with “Camera Error” on Android devices.

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If you have such problem with your device, you will have good information here to resolve the problem. I hope you will able to find a good partners in the site for dating. I wish you good luck. Let’s talk about how to resolve this issue.

Camera Doesn’t Work on Omegle, How to Fix?

Camera doesn’t work on Omegle? These are all fixes and solutions below:

Step 1

We recommend you to change your browser. If you are using Google Chrome, please download Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, please download Googhe Chrome. We don’t recommend, Internet explorer for this.

Download Google Chrome

Download Mozilla Firefox

  • Firstly, be sure that you have installed correct program for your device and check your device in Windows. Maybe it’s broken at all.
  • Use CCleaner program to clean cookies
  • Clear all your flash storage from flash settings. It’s the common problem of the Omegle and it’s highly likely your camera doesn’t work because of that. Please learn how to clear your flash storage for Omegle. After you are done, try reconnect to Omegle
  • Be sure that you have the latest version of Flash. The site has flash chat.
  • When you enter to Video Chat, the system is going to ask you to allow Camera and Microphone. Allow them both. Otherwise your camera is not going to work.
  • Don’t open your camera in Skype or Skype like programs or another browser chat. It keeps your camera busy. You should choose one of them
  • Reset your connection from your modem. Restart your computer and clean cookies… Then try again.
  • Take a look at Firewall settings of your network. May be you have problems with the site in Firewall.
  • Go to your video view in chat panel and select correct camera from options.
  • You can use a VPN service. May be it works with VPN services.
  • If you are using chrome, you can scroll down to see settings for allowing camera on your browser.

Omegle Doesn’t Detect Camera Still on My PC

We hope you are going to get what you want with How to Chat Online tips and your camera works once more. If Omegle doesn’t detect camera yet, we recommend you to check our questions and answers because there are many user-based problems there. You can scroll down to see questions and answer service. You can also comment this questions with a detailed information and we can try find a solution for your problem.

Omegle Doesn’t Detect Camera on Android

The information above was for PC devices. The same problem is also occurring for Android users. However there are various reasons of this error for Android too. If you want to use some alternatives on Android, you can get information about them on our guideline because it will be harder to fix this problem on mobile devices. We recommend Chatous app for you. If you don’t want it. Let’s take a look at our solutions.

Way 1-)

  • Go to your settings on your Android mobile or tablet.
  • Select Apps section from the menu
  • Clear all datas and cache from your phone after you select camera.
  • Restart your phone first before you go.
  • Try join Omegle again.

Way 2-)

  • Try to remember if you ever remove an application about your Android mobile system.
  • If there’s anyone, reinstall it.
  • Try reconnect again.

Way 3-)

  • There’s any update for your camera?
  • If there’s any update, try uninstall the update.
  • Try reconnect again.

Way 4-)

  • Firstly try download another application for camera which will help you to use your camera effectively.
  • It’s said Camera Zoom Fx and Stock Camera apps for Android is working well against this problem.

Way 5-)

  • If you are using Google Chrome, the problem may occur because of site settings.
  • Go to Omegle and open site settings on Google Chrome.
  • You will see a media section, in settings click on manage exceptions.
  • You will see that has been blocked on the site list. Click on “x” and delete rules for your browser and finally you can use your camera now.

Omegle Doesn’t Detect Camera – Questions and Answers

If Omegle doesn’t detect camera in your mobile device, you can always feel free to ask us about this problem. You can also ask about PC and MAC. You will find solutions at following paragraphs to fix your problems and errors which occurs on your device. These are generally based on user questions of How to Chat Online.

Camera Doesn’t Work on Omegle on Puffin Browser (iOS 11)


Camera doesn’t work on iOS 11 on Puffin. I am using Puffin on my ipad, now having trouble getting the cam to work on Omegle.


Thanks for contacting Yes, Puffin Browser was one of the best applications for chatting on Omegle with camera. Unfortunately some applications have conflicts with iOS 11 at the moment. We already had a huge conflict with Facebook Messenger recently. At the moment, there is only one solution to fix the problem. You will need to reinstall Puffin Browser to your device. Basically remove Puffin Browser from your iPad and install it from App Store again.

See Also: Omegle Camera Doesn’t Work in Puffin Browser on iPhone

This solution is not 100% working solution at the moment but we cannot give more information about the problem since things are very new with iOS 11 for us. However the same solution worked for Facebook Messenger at iOS 11 and iOS devices. If you have any other question regarding this issue please feel free to ask us. We are going to update this page if we find any alternative solution.

We also recommend you to report this issue to Puffin developers through App Store reviews because it is the most effective way for fixing this problems. You can also contact to them through their support service. Please visit their contact page for feedback. So they can update their service on Puffin.

HTO Staff

Omegle Stranger Camera is Not Working


I have firstly met with a such an error. Omegle doesn’t detect camera of stranger. The stranger camera is not working on the website at all. I don’t know if it is because of me or Omegle. Can you provide any solution for this please? I need help! I am using Google Chrome as browser and my operating system is Windows 10.


Sorry hear that you can’t see strangers on the video chat. You will need to do a few things for this:

1-) Clean all your browser cookies, restart your browser and go to Omegle again.
If this didn’t work for you go to step 2.

2-) Clear your flash storage and restart your browser. Go to Omegle again. If you don’t know how to clean your flash storage please see here: How to Clear Flash Storage for Omegle

3-) Try create another account on your operating system, try enter Omegle from the new account. If you can enter, that means there is something wrong with your account on Windows.

4-) Please ensure that you have enabled Flash for Omegle if you didn’t please enable flash for Omegle on Google Chrome settings.

5-) Ensure that there is not any messenger application working on your device. Your camera shouldn’t be busy at all for video chatting with strangers.

6-) Try another browsers like Microsoft Edge, Opera, Maxthon, Mozilla Firefox.
If you have any other questions regarding this, please let us know.”

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    Camera error in Android for omegle can be solved by going to chrome settings ——-> site settings —-> camera&microphone and removing omegle from blocked apps for camera

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    Resolved! Thanks!

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    Thank you. My camera wasn’t working but it’s working with your tips now.


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