How Long Do Omegle Bans Last?

We provided several guidelines for getting unbanned from Omegle on How to Chat Online. Since we got a question from our visitor, we are going to answer him that when does Omegle bans last on this page. We hope that, this content is going to be useful for him and his ban going to removed from Omegle as soon as possible. There are various ban reasons of Omegle. If you haven’t done one of serious term violation, your ban can be removed in a few days. However if you have violated term a seriously, this can be even 150 days according to user reviews.

You will see some violation examples below. You can learn how long your bans last for each violations you did on the website. If you have done another violation, you can let us know with commenting this page. One of our expert staff about the website will review your question and situation. He will answer your request as soon as possible. You can also let other users to know why did you get penalty from the website and when did your ban remove from the website.

What Got You Banned from Omegle?

This is the important question. What got you banned from Omegle? This is decisive on when does Omegle bans last. These can be some of those reasons below…

Violations Which Makes Omegle Bans Last Longer

Undressing: If you were undressing on the website, you have done one of those serious violations. It is highly likely that you are going to get ban from the website for a long time. This won’t end soon for you. The website also recommend you to do such things at other platforms which are related with Omegle. So we recommend you to use other services to do it.

Violated Copyright Terms: Violating copyrights is a something which we see on social media websites very often. This can be one of those violations which can get you ban from the website. Your ban can be maximum because of this.

Child Predators: We have mentioned about these individuals. There is not too much to talk about those people. They should also get ban from the world.

Harassment: This incident can be also happen because of harassments on the website. This is also one of those serious violations too. If you have done this, don’t expect to get back to Omegle very soon.

These are violations which will make you get ban from the website for a long time. We certainly recommend you to avoid those attempts because these can be also legal issues in real life.

Omegle Bans Last Soon with this Violations

Next People on Omegle: Nexting people is something we do oftenly on Omegle, however this is not good. Why? Because Omegle has an automated security system. If you skip people on Omegle really fast, then the system will get you as a spammer or also a bot. Since developer of the website is aware of this problem, your ban will last in a few days. Unfortunately it is not possible to fix mistakes now since the website is not accepting feedbacks now. It was possible to send feedbacks in the past.

Threatening: If you threatened someone through the website, you will get the penalty from Omegle. This is going to end soon though.

Trolling: Trolling on the website is quite popular. This is not going to get you penalty everytime from the website because there is nothing to do with it. However sometimes while people trolling someone, they go much further. If you don’t know the limit. This will return to you with a penalty.

Fake Webcam: This is another reason that can get you have a penalty from moderator. So don’t use it if you want to use the website.

Recording Others: Recording is one of the main problems of Omegle. We have provided some information to you about how to aware of it. If you are recording others, you will have a penalty though.

These are some important facts which you will get you banned for a short time as we have already described at each violations. We recommend you to avoid from these actions while you are talking to strangers on the website, otherwise you will not able to use the website for a long time.

How Long Do Omegle Bans Last?

How to Fix?

  • You need to restart your internet connection from the router. This will help you to change your IP address. Don’t forget to clean history, cookies from your computer.
  • Use a proxy to connect to Omegle once more. You can get errors while you are using those services.
  • VPNs are also a good solution to get rid of these problems.
  • Google DNS can be also a good solution to enter to the website again.

How Long Do Omegle Bans Last?

Omegle bans are depends on your violation, they can last in a few days or 150 days. Unfortunately you can’t contact to developer or a moderator of the website to get rid of this at the moment. You will need to look for alternative websites. You can take a look at our sites like Omegle list to find best solutions. There are also some websites without ban on those list. You can chat on those websites freely and make new friends. If you have any questions regarding when do omegle bans last, please leave a comment below. One of our expert staff is going to help you about that.

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