Omegle Banned Me For No Reason

Omegle Banned Me For No ReasonOmegle is moderated by human moderators and auto-spam technics. Sometimes mistakes can happen on moderation. There are several ways to fix ban problem on Omegle, you can learn how to resolve the issue with How to ChatOnline. However if  Omegle banned you for no reason, on the website, that is best to contact Omegle. We have already told you how to send feedback to Omegle before. However Omegle has removed this feature from the website at the moment and you won’t able to send feedback to site staff on Omegle. However you can still reach them by Quora and Twitter.

Contact Omegle Staff or Admins If You Have Banned for No Reason

You can easily send a tweet to Omegle’s official account on Twitter. The official account is @Omegle on Twitter. You can also find the website owner on Quora and you can ask a question there. If he is interested with your question, he may respond you. We have seen that he has answered a few user questions there.

What are Alternative Ways

If you didn’t manage to get response from Omegle, you can try alternative ways to contact Omegle:

  • Cleaning all cookies and restarting your internet connection.
  • Using VPN services.
  • Using proxy address and proxy websites.
  • DNS Change.

If you don’t know how to do these, you will want to read our how to unban guideline. You will easily fix the ban problem and will able to use Omegle again.

Questions and Answers – Omegle Banned Me For No Reason

Sent a Message on Omegle Accidentally and Banned! What to Do?


I was using WhatsApp Web and Omegle in the same time at browser. However while I wanted to try swear one of my friends on WhatsApp Web, I accidentally sent it to a stranger on Omegle. A few seconds later I was banned. I cannot contact with Omegle, feedback doesn’t exist. What should I do?


nfortunately Omegle has been removed feedback service for years ago. We still have an article about that on How to Chat Online. I will talk to technical staff to take care of that source or update it now. Unfortunately contacting Omegle is almost impossible through the official website. Maybe you can try social media but they are not also very active on social networking websites too.

You have nothing to do but wait for get unbanned. However if you would like to remove the ban by yourself, there are always things to do. You can try proxy websites, you can try VPN services, you can try DNS services, etc.

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2 thoughts on “Omegle Banned Me For No Reason

  • August 13, 2016 at 2:39 am

    I got banned on omegle I didn’t do anything bad but plz get back to me

  • April 16, 2016 at 11:00 am

    I was banned from Omegle , although I have done nothing . I had bored and was there on the side and suddenly I was banned.
    I ask that they unban me

    Best regards


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