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If you would like to chat with people from Eastern side of the World, you will find many useful tips and sites here. Besides we are going to tell you how to find Asian people on Omegle. Asian girls are quite reliable, beautiful and cute girls. You will love to chat them and you will like their sense of humor. They used to talk with people from different countries in stranger chat platforms. There are numerous people who are online on chat sites of Asia and many of them are girls.

You can also find males from different countries such as Indonesia, India, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines. If you would like to keep your relation long with them, you should know that they are very sensitive people. You should be kind against them and you will response you with same manner. However they won’t want to talk with you, if you don’t care for them. Let’s see the sites where you can find them online.



Iddin is a quality chat site which gives you free text chat service. It’s easy to use and you will find people from different countries of Asia on the site such as Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iran, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh… There are generally people from South part of the region here. No registration required and you don’t need to fill forms for talking here.


iMeetzu is very good chat platform for chatting with strangers. There are many online people on the site for talking with strangers. There’s also a dating service on the site which you can use freely and you can chat dating service of the site too. There are people from Europe and North America on iMeetzu and there are many people who wants to chat with strangers. It’s a good alternative of Omegle.

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