Omegle Arrests on USA and Canada

There are several arrests on Omegle because of different kind of crimes on USA and Canada. The thing you do and what you say is very important on chat sites. May be FBI or Police may accuse your because of some crimes. There are many different and strange arrest stories on Omegle. One of these arrests has happened on New Mexico, USA.

Zachary Milton Hess is one of people who has arrested because of the things he said on Omegle. He was talking with someone from England and he told UK stranger that he will shoot his university campus very soon. The person he spoke screenshot what he said and send it to the New Mexico University. Zachary has arrested by FBI soon after that.

George Smith is another person who has arrested because of the things he has done with help of Omegle. George Smith was meeting with boys who are younger than 18 years old on Omegle and then he was meeting them in real life too. He was forcing them for relationship.

Adam M. Simpson is also arrested because of recording children videos from Omegle. There are more than this but we don’t want to mention much more about situation since it’s quite disgusting.

Dennis Whitt has recorded videos of girls who are 9-16 years old on Omegle and Skype. He has been arrested by FBI.

Keith Haessly has also arrested by FBI because of recording children on Omegle and publishing, shating these videos on other internet platforms.

Jorel Fowler has done same crimes with Keith Haessly and he has been arrested twice.

Eric Ernest Cloutier has arrested on Ontaria, Canada by Canadian police. Tipster of Eric was another citizen of Canada and she was 15 year-old girl.

James John Stanley has arrested by Police in Florida, USA. He has confessed his crimes. He was publishing illegal videos on the site.

Marckenson Chery has met with a 15 year-old girl on Omegle and he has been arrested after he record girls video on the Skype. He jailed for 15 years.

Casey Lee Chinn has met two girls at 13 year-old on Omegle and he assaulted them. He has been jailed because of kidnapping and assaulting.

Richard L. Finkbiner has assaulted more than 5 girls with Omegle who are younger than 18 years old and he has been captured by FBI at Indianapolis.

Shea Myers has assaulted 13 year-old boy in Arizona and he has arrested by Police in 28th December 2015.

Darren Brown arrested because of crimes he did on Omegle in California.

Someone from Ohio (52 year old married man) has been arrested because of the pictures he took from 13 years old girl on Omegle.

41 people from Canada has been arrested because of crimes they have done on Skype, Facebook, Omegle and Vichatter.

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