You can meet people from different countries of the world on Omegle, one of these countries is Algeria. It is located in North Africa and there are also many chat websites of this country on internet. We have mentioned some of these websites on How to Chat Online. We are going to tell you how to meet these people on Omegle on this page. We hope that it is going to be useful for you.

How to Meet Algerian People on Omegle?

Firstly you need to have a fresh account on Facebook. If you already have one and if you would like to use it, we recommend you to check page likes of your account. If pages likes are not much, you can prefer to use your account. However if there are too much likes on your profile, it doesn’t even worth to give a try to tips which will tell you on here.

Go to Random Chat Sites

If you are aiming to get these people on Omegle, you will need to find some pages of this country on Facebook. There are various ways to find these pages. After you like pages related with Algeria, you will need to go to Omegle, enable Facebook feature of the website and begin to talk to strangers.

How to Find Algerian Pages on Facebook

You will need to make a few searches on Facebook and you need to like the most popular pages on the search results. If you like any pages about it, it will also increase your chance to meet people from this country. These are some example words for searching on Facebook:

  • Algiers
  • Oran
  • Constantine
  • Annaba
  • Blida
  • Algeria
  • الجزائر‎‎
  • الجزائر
  • وهران
  • قسنطينة
  • عنابة
  • البليدة

You can increase these search styles and get more friends on the website.


These are some Algerian alternatives of Omegle, that you can meet people from this country.

Chatrandom Algeria

Chat Habibti Algérie

Tchat NRJ

Chatroulette Bazoocam Algérie

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