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Omegle AbbreviationsPeople are using too much abbreviations on Omegle. And generally users who are not familiar with IRC and chat sites, don’t know what does these shortened words mean. We are going to give you a list of abbreviations for you on here. So you can use our Omegle Abbreviations guideline while you are talking to strangers. We listed popular ones at the top of our listing. We hope that it will help you a little bit while you are chatting. This guideline is useful for newbies on Omegle. If you are new on Omegle and don’t know how to use features on the site, you can look at our guidelines on the site.

ASL: means “AgeGenderLocation” (When someone ask this question to you, you should answer him/her like: 21 M California (m for men) or 21 F Norway (f for women)

Pls: Please (People generally using it with ASL. Such as: ASL PLS

Lol : Laughing out loud. (If stranger thinks that there’s something hilarious about the situation you talk, he/she may type lol”

Rofl: It’s similar with lol and it means “rolling on floor laughing”.

F: Female (People just using this abbreviation, when ASL asked)

M: Male

U: You

IDK: “I don’t know”

BRB: Be right back. (If you are going to busy with something but you love to talk with your partner. You can write BRB to him/her and he will wait for you.

ASAP: means “As soon as possible”.

np: No problem

cya: means “See you” (At the end of conversation)

atm: “At the moment”

cu: means “See you”. (At the end of conversation)

AFK: Means “Away from keyboard”. ( Generally people using this abbreviation like : I will be afk for a couple mins or I will be afk, will be back soon)

oic: means “Oh I see!”

WB: means “Welcome back”. (If you were afk and return to your computer again, the stranger may tell wb to you)

nvm: Never mind.

JK: means “Just kidding” or “joking”.

ty: Thank you

BTW : means “By the way”.

Omw: On my Wat

PPL : means “People”

OMG: “Oh my God!”

irl: means “in real life”

AFAIK: as far as I know.

If you would like to know any else Omegle abbreviation meaning, you can ask us with commenting this page.

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