How to Use Omegle on BlackBerry

Omegle Usage in BlackBerryBlackberry is one of the most smartphones whole in the world and there are still many fans of these phones and they used to connect to Internet with this device. However many users of this phone doesn’t know how to use Omegle. We are going to describe you how to use this site with BB smartphones and you will able to chat with strangers without any problem. You don’t need to download any program or you won’t need to pay for any services. Just all you need to do is enabling to Java in your internet browser! You don’t know how to enable Java in BB? You are new on BB and you don’t know why doesn’t site working in your phone? It’s quite easy… You will find detailed information on the below.

You need to have BB OS 4.0 at the least for chat on the site, otherwise it will be impossible for you to connect to site. You will just use text chat version of the site. There’s no Omegle video chat for Android smartphones and other operating systems yet but I believe staff is working about that and they will publish a few applications for smartphones very soon. Let’s tell you how to enable Java Script on your BB internet browser.

How to Enable Java Script on BB

If you don’t know how to enable JavaScript on BB, it’s easy! Please open your internet browser in your Blackberry and click on options. You should tick these options on your options for running Omegle:

  • Support JavaScript
  • Support HTML Tables
  • Use foreground and background colors
  • Use background images
  • Support Embedded Media
  • Support Style Sheets

Please tick all of these options  and don’t forget to save options on your smartphone. And then begin to chat with beautiful girls on the site. That’s all you need to do!

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