How to Unblock Omegle

unblock OmegleIf you would like to unblock Omegle, we are going to give you some tips about that. So you will able to chat with strangers again and you will have new partners on the site. However our tips may take your time, you should follow instructions to unblock the site at all. We are going to tell you how to enter text feature of the site here. We will mention about video feature in another page. There are many sites on internet where you can enter site, however there are also many sites which is not reliable at all.

You should make some cookie settings when you want to enter to site with web proxy. If you don’t set cookie settings on the web sites, you won’t able to chat on the site at all. If you want to join video of the site, you won’t able to do that with web sites. There is no suitable service which is supporting Omegle video. We will mention about video feature at incoming post. You can keep track our site to get information about how to unblock video. If you would like to use text service on the site, this page will guide you to enter Omegle.

How to Enter to Omegle When Blocked

If you want to use text feature of the site, you can enter Omegle with web proxy sites when you are blocked. Some countries Internet service providers (ISP) has banned the site and many people can’t enter to site.

There are many Web Proxy sites on internet. If you trust any of them, you can use them and you can find some sites here: Proxy sites for Omegle.

You should follow these steps to enter Omegle with proxy sites:

Unblock Omegle Step By Step

  • Open proxy settings.
  • Mark: Encrypt URL.
  • Mark: Allow Cookies.
  • And Mark: Encrypt Page.
  • Remove Mark: Remove Objects.
  • Remove Mark: Remove Scripts.
  • Enter site name to blank field.
  • Click on “Go” button.

It’s how you unblock Omegle for text. If you want to know how to unban from Omegle, you can also find detailed information about that in our site.

Questions and Answers – How to Unblock Omegle

Is it Legal to Unblock Omegle? Can Police Find Me from Proxy or VPN?


Hello, Omegle is forbidden in my country. However I do not know if it is legal to unblock it or not? I have some proxy websites and programs for unblock Omegle. If I unblock it, police can find me?


Actually unblocking websites is not legally a crime most of western countries. (It can be crime some of them though.) This is generally crime in those countries where have religious laws. (Such as Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc.) However I am not sure about these also since you need to know about internet laws of those countries. However if unblocking a website is a crime in your country and if you have unblock that website with a  VPN or Proxy, you can find by the police.

That will be quite easy to find out who are you by government. However we recommend you to check if there is any other person who has been arrested because of unblock websites. If there is any, we recommend you to not to try this.

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