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Omegle has a lot of users and there are many kind of people in the site. So there will be many people who you will want to skip. There are always beginners on Omegle  We are going to tell you how to skip strangers on Omegle. So you will able to chat with new partners. This feature is very important for you. Because you can get tired of closing windows and reconnect to Omegle. I believe you should learn how to change your partners as soon as possible. You can use this site with our tips step by step. It will be very easy for you.


How to Skip Strangers

While you chat with strangers, you can meet with many annoying partners. We are going to tell you how to skip them step by step.

  • Go to Omegle‘s main page and add a few interests or enable your Facebook interests on Omegle. Mark “Add my Facebook likes as interests” (optional) and “Find strangers with common interests”.
  • You will see a language option don’t change it if you want to chat with local users. Select English if you want random partners.
  • Click on Video chat or Text chat.
  • If you don’t like your partner click on “Stop” button or ESC button and stop to chat with stranger. Then click on “Really?” button to confirm it or type ESC button in your keyboard.
  • Then click on ESC button in your keyboard again to meet with a new stranger.

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ajay parashat

hi. how are you? I’m ajay from punjab, India.


I was just beginner in Omegle, I will appreciate to information