If you got banned from Omegle, the best way is sending a message or feedback to Omegle staff. If you banned for the first time, I believe you don’t know how to do it. When you send a feedback to staff, they generally think about your ban and they generally appeal it. I know it will be annoying to get banned when you love to chat on this site. There are still many ways to remove ban, but a message to Omegle will be the most honest one.

If you did anything against site terms, you just admit that in feedback and apologize for that. I hope they will understand it. But if you did some pervert stuffs in webcam. They will hardly forgive you and answer your request. Sometimes they can do it for no reason too.

With this action, you are going to be trustworthy one for administrator and you will able to get unbanned from site. However you should be honest and you should keep your words and you shouldn’t violate to site terms again. Otherwise you won’t able to enter site again for a while. You can try some alternatives if you can’t fix the problem. There are many website with no ban.

Send a Feedback

If you want to write a feedback to Omegle staff:

  • Go to main page of site.
  • Scroll down with your mouse until you reach the bottom of the page.
  • Click on  “Send feedback to Omegle’s staff”
  • Enter your email address and enter your message. Don’t forget to mention about your IP address to them. You can learn your IP address from many web sites.
  • Click on “Send Feedback button”

Here is a video about sending feedback:

You can also try to get unban from site with free Proxy sites.

Update: Omegle doesn’t allow their users to send feedback anymore.

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  1. I got banned for no reason from omegle and I mean it serious like this guy:
    Pleaes contact me if someone could unban me on omegle

  2. Omegle should have an anti-bot that bans everyone who starts a chat with the same message more than five times straight

  3. OMEGLE!!! Sorry but now it’s a joke, my IP address is NOT spam or what *** you thing. It’s not possible to contact you, why????? Open for me please, tirth time now??????

    Do this now please and right to me, tell me what it’s going on.

  4. hello, how to get rid of captcha thing? I am not a spammer, please stop captcha on omegle. thanks.. The reason why im quickly skipping the chat is… Users are doing somethin’ .. you know… again thanks :)

  5. I have been using Omegle for a while but I don’t understand why I was banned. I have brother’s who use my computer but don’t go on omegle. I only use Omegle to talk to someone specific using the interest box cuz they have no social media to video chat with. I haven’t seen them in a while and it’s very upsetting.

  6. I log on to Omegle one day and it keeps saying error connecting to server. Please try again. I tried everything and then it told me that I was banned I don’t know what I did wrong. So uhm. Can you please help me out here?

  7. I feel violated because I’ve been banned from their site numerous times when I was doing absolutely nothing. I have done very bad things on the site in the past, but now I don’t do anything bad and I still get banned for no reason. I’ve changed and I am a nice person to everyone on Omegle now. Sorry Omegle for what I’ve done in the past. You have every right to be upset with my behavior that I did back then, and I agree that it was very very mean and wrong of me but I will never do it again. I’ve learned my lesson and I haven’t done a bad thing there in a very long time. I hope you understand this and stop banning me for nothing.

  8. Please stop Captcha. I’m not a robot or something. It’s very frustrating to verify myself everytime I switch to a different person.

    • Hello Rohan. Unfortunately we are not affiliated with Omegle and we won’t able to respond your wishes. Please try contact to Omegle at other ways.

  9. Hello,
    I was on omegle early this morning around 2-3 AM east coast time. Then i went to sleep and log back in and i was banned. I am sorry for whatever I did, but I did not break the rules of omegle. Id appreciate if you would appeal this ban or remove is as soon as possible. Thanks

  10. First i was banned because i said i was gonna go to bathroom and now it says in a bot?
    goddammit this aint good. as a weekly user of omegle this happens alot eventhough i havent done anything bad or illegal. how can this be possible? thought about to be a YouTube someday but you mess things so badly that this may not happen.

  11. hello my name is anicia Daniels my i.p. was banned from your site i wasn’t doing anything wrong and am asking to be unband form the site i dont think it fair to me that you are banning me for no reason

  12. Hey there. I haven’t been able to connect to Omegle since late of last night at approximately 11:00 P.M. It’s happened many times before, but not quite for this long. I’ve tried a number of methods of trying to reconnect to the server, but nothing has worked. The error message says, “Error connecting to server. Please try again.” I use Video Chat, never Text. I haven’t done anything wrong, and so that’s why I contacted Chromebook Assistance to see if it may be on my end. They had me do a Powerwash and practically restart everything to factory settings, and nothing was resolved. I still wasn’t able to reconnect to Omegle. The assistant I talked to on Chrome Assistance thought that, perhaps, it was a possibility that my ISP was banned and that’s maybe the reason for why I’m unable to connect. I’m not sure at this point, though. I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong for anything to be “banned”. It doesn’t say I’m banned when I go on the website, however. It’s just the “Error connecting to server. Please try again” problem that persists, and keeps flashing as if it’s immediately and constantly trying to connect to the server.

    If you somebody could please help me out here or let me know if you’re also experiencing the same problem, it’d be very much appreciated at this point. Hopefully we can come up with some kind of solution.


    – Adam

  13. Please remove the bots they are very annoying

    you will find the bots when you set the tag
    and usually they start with
    and then there is the promotional link

    • Hello, Theo.

      Yes unfortunately all this page is outdated now since it’s not possible to send feedback to Omegle at the moment.

  14. Hi, I got a captcha thingy and it didn’t do anything and I can’t send feedback because it is not at the bottom of the page how can I get rid of it?

    • Hello Lauren,

      Unfortunately Omegle has removed the feedback feature of the website recently. So you can’t do much for contact to Omegle staff at the moment. However you can try some VPN services. But there is no guarantee of VPN usage. Some of VPN IPs are banned on Omegle and some of them are working properly. You can give a try Ultrasurf or Hola Better Internet extension (Hola is for Google Chrome).

  15. So basically i want to give a high 5 to every of your creators. Im an 16 years old boy from Hungary, aaaand i had time so i wanted to chat with a random person just for fun. So i had chat 2 guys who skipped me and the 3rd was a girl yeee thats the story of us. We started to talk and she asked sooo much (i like questions) she asked much as well i quetly liked it so i gave her my fb profile. We talked on fb and she is my girlfriend now so thank you so much your work with the website reply if you can i love you guys :)
    Marcell Kelemen

    • Hello Marcell, as we have said on our main page we have no relationship with Omegle. You can write the same message to Omegle with sending feedback. You can see the steps on this page. I recommend you to watch the video about how to do it.

    • Hello Ysabelle,

      My response is we are not Omegle Staff. :) Please watch the video, you will get details about how to reach to staff. Thank you.

  16. Sir,
    I’m extremely sorry if I have done or said anything wrong but to be honest, I haven’t done or said anything that is against your protocol, but it was surprising that I got banned.
    I will be very glad and thankful if you un-ban me back.
    With respect and hoping that you will see to my problem and help me.

  17. Hello! I’m sorry, but that video is a little outdated. It seems that Omegle got updated, and I have no idea where the feedback button is! Please help!

    • Hello,
      We are not Omegle Staff. We are just providing solution for problems which you are facing on chat sites. There are also information on Chatroulette, Chatous and many other chat sites on How to Chat Online.

      You should take a look at video for understand to sending feedback to the site. Good Luck.

  18. Hi i was wondering , that when you get banned if you will be contacted by the local authorities , because i had been banned from omegle and when ever i try to get back on it says i am banned for possible bad behavior . I am really scared because i got dared to go on omegle , and show my **** i am really scared that the police are gonna come knocking on my door , and i am underaged .

    • Hello Adrian. It seems you are from United States. There was an example of such incindent in the past. Police has caught some people because of such behaviours. So we don’t recommend you to do that on Omegle.

  19. I can not use omegle. When i click new chat i see: Connecting to server …
    Technical error: The server was unreachable for too long and your connection was lost. Sorry. :( Omegle understand if you hate it now, but still loves you Omegle.

  20. I used to be able to get on omegle, now i can’t. When I get on the site all I van click on is adult, which takes me to another site. I’ve always enjoyed chatting with strangers. Tell me how to get back on.

  21. hi omegle staff i keep getting the chapcha message everytime someone skips me i dont spam person i only skip the people who got their dicks out every to mins because i dont want to see that can you please sort this out i had no problem with it on the 22/12/14 but today on the 23/12/14 it keeps coming up

  22. sir,
    i have got some problem with my omegle after i typed something wrongly.it always showing verification,my ip address is will you make the service again .


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