How to Remove Bots from Omegle


There are many complaints about bots on Omegle and people would like to remove them from their whole conversation. You cannot write a code or use a program for removing bots from the website but you can apply some strategies to not to see them. We are going to tell you these strategies on this page for you. We hope that it is going to be a useful guideline for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us through commenting this page. You can find the comment options at the below of this article. Let’s begin to tell you how to avoid and remove bots on Omegle.

How to Avoid and Remove Bots on Omegle

After we got a help request about bots from one of our community users, we made a little investigation about this issue and we already made some tests on Omegle. We are happy to share results of these tests on here for you. There are three important features that will decrease or increase your chance to meet with bots on Omegle.

Without Facebook Likes and Interests (Not Recommended)If you don’t want to meet with bots on Omegle, you should not connect to the chat without enabling Facebook Likes and Interests. We made 100 connections to Omegle with these options and we have met with bots almost for 61 times.

Enabling Omegle Interests: This is a good option for you if you don’t want to enable your Facebook Likes but finding people with common interest is very hard on Omegle nowadays. We made 100 connections to Omegle with adding interests and we have met with bots for 44 times.

Enabling Facebook Likes: Facebook likes are going to be a life saver for you if you are tired of meeting with bots. However we recommend you to like some pages with many likes (20m-60m) before you start to chat on here. That will also help you to avoid from bots on Omegle. We have enabled Facebook likes and we have made 100 connections on Omegle and we have met with bots about 19 times.

Enable Interests and Facebook Likes: If you would like to remove bots from your conversations, this will be the best options for you and you will protect yourself from bots with double shields. Do not forget to like pages with many likes on Facebook before entering to chat though and find good interests for adding on interests. We have made 1000 connections on Omegle with these options and we have met with bots for 11 times.

If you have any question regarding this subject, please feel free to ask us or to our community.

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